If You Build It, They Will Come.

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Ameritech came to collect my overdue phone bill, and instead the lady kidnapped me in her van, brought me out into the sewer and threatened to kill me. Then I escaped. It was terrifying. Then I went to my grandma's neighbors house to hide out, and Laura and Marcy were there with a few friends. We were watching TV, when the news report came on about a kidnapper that told people they'd throw them in a hole in the sewer. I went into convulsions. I fell off my chair. Nobody really cared, they all just let me go. Then Kay came over and told everyone to go away for a second because she needed to talk to me. She was uncharacteristically assertive. She was mad at my mom, because she was being a jerk to her. Marcy came back, and I decided we needed to go to the OP to talk to my mom about this. So we wanted to climb out a window, but we were on like the 5th floor. Marcy went out a window, and I grabbed her before she fell to her certain doom. I pulled her back in and we decided to just go out the front door. We went to an OP restaurant in Boston, because they were a chain now. My mom was there with like 20 cousins of mine that I don't know. I said to her, "What are you doing?" and the guys next to her said they were going to go home. I told them I wasn't talking to them. My mom said she was going home too. I said she needed to talk to her first. We went and sat in a quieter area of the restaurant. She looked mad. I showed her a website that had a picture of her and my dad throwing an imaginary ball back and forth. And below it was a cartoon picture of a kid kicking the planet earth. This didn't help. Then I heard the ice cream truck outside and it woke me up.


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