If You Build It, They Will Come.

Thursday, May 02, 2002


Tonight I was angry.
Tonight I was bored.
Tonight I was frustrated and alone.
Tonight I was restless.

Tonight I felt unnoticed.
Tonight I felt worthless.
Tonight I felt like the lowest priority.
Tonight I did something about it.

Tonight I feel invincible but
Tonight I feel humble.

Tonight I was generous.
Tonight I took the saddest thing I had ever seen and made it into something I could smile about forever.
Tonight a total stranger said "God bless you, son." I didn't sneeze.
Tonight I was noticed.
Tonight I was important.
Tonight I drove through two states to make five people's day a little better.
Five people whom I had never met.
Tonight I walked around the cold and rainy streets of Chicago for hours.
Tonight I did not hide from the rain.

And tonight I realized that your opinions of me do not matter.
Tonight I remembered who I am.
Tonight I forgot Joe, and remembered Joseph.
Tonight I felt five years old again.
Tonight I would have made my mom and dad very proud of me.
Tonight my life was put into perspective perfectly for the first time in a long time.
Tonight I found out who my friends are, and who they aren't.
Tonight I found out to some people I can never be invisible.
And to some, I guess I will never be seen.

It is something I will never again forget.


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