If You Build It, They Will Come.

Friday, May 24, 2002

Hey ya know. I don't mind you talking about me. I know I've written things people object to. I don't object to you having an opinion about me. I don't feel that I am someone who can not be touched by negative comments. I don't think I'm above it. So go ahead and hit me. But please, don't be shocked when I hit back. I'm not going to sit by and not defend myself. I can't change the way things ended up. I can't change the way they started. I can't change your opinion of the whole thing. I can whole-heartedly disagree with it. I don't expect you to censor yourself. So don't expect me to. Thing is... I wouldn't have to hit back, if you hadn't hit me first. I was fine a few days ago with a quick discussion on AIM, and just ending it there. But you got the first word. I'm not giving you the last one. I don't want to throw down with you. I don't want to fight. I;m fine with ending it here. I'm sorry you're pissed at me. You say you think we're "fair weather friends." But I don't hear you calling me, or writing me. The only real time I hear you having any interest in me is when you vaguely attack me on your site. So riddle me this... why would I want to be anything more than that?


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