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Monday, July 15, 2002

Hello children.

Well I'm working on Jessica's belated birthday present. Belated for once not because I forgot, but because there's no humanly possible way I could've given it to her on her birthday, unless you believe in time travel, in which case, I'd like to direct you here.

Her gift from me is going to take a lot of effort and many hours sitting here staring at this screen. In which case it's a good thing she's gone for a while, because it will give me time to finish it. I brought a camera to her 21st birthday "lets-get-her-drunk" party. My gift to her is a vhs tape of roughly 38 minutes of random unorganized video whittled and edited down nicely into a watchable short little 35 minute movie. Give or take, I'm trying to keep as much of it as I possibly can, you only have a "get-me-drunk-I'm-21" party once.... well except in my case, I had four of them.

See the thing is, all the work put into this, all the editing, and sitting around while it renders, and getting songs timed right, and designing visuals, and moving things, and trimming things, and getting new songs, and stuff.... it takes an ungodly amount of time, and patience, because it can be as frustrating as all hell. But god, I love it. I have so much fun doing this. I've gotten about 17 minutes done the way I want it, with only a few changes needed. So far, rendering included, I've logged somewhere around 15 hours. I usually figure on average, a minute in a film means an hour of editing, so I'm kind of ahead schedule.

I've come to a conclusion though. Ordinary Life is going to be a much larger endeavor than I had previously imagined. I mean, I knew it would take a lot, but crap man.... here's what I'm up against.

A minute of Hi-8 digital video tape costs about ten cents. 18 dollars for 3 one hour tapes. I figure this movie will be a good hour and a half from beginning to end. Now, it's not staying on a Hi-8 tape. Here's the big catch of the whole thing. Jess and I did our scene in Jeremy's apartment. It's a 4-5 page scene. Lots of dialogue though. The scene when edited will last close to five minutes. Because we have tons of different takes, and we screwed up a bunch, tons of different angles, this one five minute scene took up an hour and a half of tape. Two tapes for a five minute scene.

My hard drive is 20GB. I've always said it was a good size for holding my MP3's and occasionally a game or two. With Jess's video on here, (only the first 17 minutes, one raw copy, one polished copy) I have like 1.5GB left. One minute of DV is about 200MB. Five is a gig. Ninety is 18GB. The movie, whence finished, is supposed to be 90 minutes. The movie, whilst being edited will take up the raw and polished versions of the film, somewhere around 36GB. Each scene alone is at least five times more raw footage than necessary. At least. The scene we shot, 7.3, takes up about 18 times the amount of space it will require when finished. Solution: I need another hard drive. If I pop in a second 60GB, that gives me 80GB, 70 or so that is actually workable. That is plenty. Problem: A second 60GB HD is about $200-300 more than I am able to spend at this point. Temporary solution: I don't need it yet. Possible permanent solution... my birthday is in two months.... Possible other permanent solution... Get a job as an ice cream truck driver.

... you think I'm kidding?


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