If You Build It, They Will Come.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

The blizzard in west Michigan has managed to close Grandville Public Schools. A snowday in Grandville only occured twice in the ten years I was there, and before that it had been nearly twenty years since the previous snowday. If it would blow a little more south to Kalamazoo so that the Crossroads Mall was forced to close tomorrow, I'd get tomorrow off. And yes, the mall does have "snow days." It's happened once since I've been here...

And suddenly, I'm in elemetary school again. Sitting up, watching WWMT Channel Three, crossing my fingers.

The drive home tonight was horrible. I couldn't see anything, not even the hood of my car. I guessed where the road was by catching glimpses of the reflector posts out my passenger side window. It was worse than zero visibility, I'd call it like negative seven visibility.

Oh please oh please let us have a snow day tomorrow.....

Eh, it'll never happen. I've got the DM coming in tomorrow, and I've lined up the sale of a 7K Queen, which will make me some money. That is, if they can get in. Crap. It's going to be just good enough to open the mall, but not good enough for anyone to risk their life to go shopping, meaning I'll be dead all day. Actually that's what they take into account when they decide whether or not to open the mall. They don't care about the workers, as long as there are customers. If there will be no customers, then there will be no point in opening. Meaning I will sit in my pajamas and write all day.

Who am I kidding. I work at 1pm. They're not closing the mall.

Man, that'd be cool though. Maybe.



We'll see. At any rate, the first thing I do tomorrow will be to check the closings.

Please oh please oh please.


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