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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Gueek Bkead Fay.

What a day. We had christmas at the house, and we saw Return of the King. I've got to say something. It's rare that a movie has a sequel that is better than the first. It's even rarer that a trilogy improves at every installment. It's even rarer still that a trilogy that improves at every installment was totally awesome from the beginning. The Fellowship of the Ring was an incredible movie. Somehow, The Two Towers was even better. And, again somehow, The Return of the King was better than both of them. Simply amazing. Now I really must read these books. Once I have time.

The movie has been pushed back. Hopefully only five days, for a finish date of Christmas Eve. I don't know how realistic that is still, because West Michigan was covered by a blanket of snow last night. We were out shooting in it before it started really coming down. Seeing as the movie is supposed to take place over three days in April, it doesn't really fit. But, there is only a little more to do outside. The rest is indoors. And the rest is made up of like one or two more scenes. Not too much left. I'm just running out of energy. I need to get this done, so I can start something else. I've got some ideas brewing, but I can't let myself think of them yet, I can't take time away from this.

I wonder if I could turn Twelve Page Paper into a short film. You know, cut out a bunch of stuff, leave only what it needs to be coherrent. And then in the tradition of the Lord of the Rings, come out with the "extended version" which is feature length.

Probably not.


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