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Friday, June 11, 2004

So.... what's new in my life....

I'm not moving to Florida. I covered that much in my last post, but here's why. NYFA has workshops all over the world. One in New York, one in Los Angeles, one in London, Paris, Milan, etc. The one I signed up for was in Orlando. Apparently, film school students would rather be in one of the more extravagant locations, and so barely anyone else signed up to go to Florida. That being the case, they decided to close the session. So, I come to find out after getting an apartment (almost) and having everything planned out, that once again, it is foolish to make plans.

Now the good news.

In exchange for the trouble they've caused me, they have discounted my tuition by $7,000. (It took a little haggeling, but I got it that low) if I were to go to another one year program offered in either NYC or LA. After some consideration about how an extra seven grand could cover my rent for eight months, I've decided to head out to Los Angeles. New York seemed a little too costly still, plus if I were going to make it in this business, I'd end up in LA sooner or later.

So at the risk of sounding cheesy, I offer you this. Every bad thing that happens to you isn't necessarily bad. It may be at the time, but there can always be something positive to come out of it. Both getting my plans screwed up to go to Florida and smashing my truck have allowed me to afford to not only do what I love, but do it in Hollywood.

The when and the how are both still up in the air. I need to drive to LA moving all my stuff. I also need my car. So I need to drive two vehicles across the country, and there's only one of me. The most likely option is that I'll have to make the trip twice. Drive out, fly back, drive out again. That's ugly. So if anyone wants to drive across the United States with me, we could make a gynormous road trip out of it! It would be great! We could stop in Las Vegas, or at the Grand Canyon! Hooray!! Right?! No...? Oh, ok....

It's about a three day trip one way, and I can probably get NYFA to pay for a plane ticket back. Believe me, if no one wants to do it, my feelings won't be hurt. I don't even want to do it.

I should learn spanish.



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