If You Build It, They Will Come.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

According to my profile, in the existence of this Blog, I have written 701 posts and 172,234 words. Were this blog to become a book, it would be 493 pages long (at 350 words per page). I've been writing my thoughts down here since April of 2001. Three and a half years.

My first post was done in my apartment in Concorde Place, I was trying to sleep and I was staring at the radio towers. Since starting this page, I lived in Concorde, Jefferson Commons, Kickapoo, Ohio, and LA.

Sadly I only had one official girlfriend the entire time. And that lasted like three months in 2001.

I've had six jobs. GM, Babbages, Select Comfort, Gamestop, Citgo, and OfficeMax. I wrote two screenplays, and filmed a movie. I think I even fell in love somewhere in there, but I think I might be the only one who knows that. I went through a messy relationship, (not with the girlfriend I had). I had a falling out with one of my close friends, and we didn't talk for about two and a half years, until I had a short nice conversation with her before moving to California. Friends got married, friends had kids. Friends moved away, friends moved back. I was in college, I dropped out. The Red Wings won the Stanley Cup. Both my brothers moved from Lexington to Clarkston, and back to Lexington where they graduated and now they're in college. My dad got promoted like four times, I think. Once before he even started his new job. My aunt got married. My aunt and uncle moved to Colorado, my mom and dad to Missouri. 2116 Burdick got shot up, then everyone got their own apartment. I met Jamie and Charlie.

What a ride, kids.



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