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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Down with the Yankees.

I just bought a really nice blazer from the Salvation Army for $3.50.

I need to learn Flash. I could also stand to get better with HTML. It would be nice to have some time.

Oh, quick story. Our NYFA passes are actually NBC/Universal passes as well. This got us free parking at City Walk (normally $10), free admission to the theme park (which we didn't really have time for), and an "employee discount" at the Hard Rock Cafe. We sat in the Hard Rock drinking beer for nearly two hours, and the waiter was like "shouldn't you guys be getting back to work soon?" We were all like, "oh, yeah, yeah..." then we got up and went to another bar.


  • According to your site stats im the first one to read your profile. Kinda makes you feel alone doesn't it? But thats ok, kinda makes me feel gay.



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Oct 21, 04:25:00 AM EDT  

  • It doesn't make me feel alone, I just made my profile available last night. You may continue to feel gay though.

    By Blogger Joseph, at Thu Oct 21, 04:55:00 PM EDT  

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