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Friday, October 22, 2004

Jon Stewart in 2008.

On the eve of the 2004 presidential election, I am already ready to cast my vote for the next election. It may seem strange to vote for a comedian for president, but seriously, George Bush is a comedian too, he just doesn't realize it. Jon Stewart is funny, intellegent, and most importantly, he seems to have common sense. He's got his own show, he's already famous, he doesn't really need to campaign. He has a loyal fan base. He seems to know the political game pretty well, and knows how to hold and be held accountable. I think most importantly, he's not a politician, which at least makes him trustworthy off the bat. He seems honest, and not willing to bend when it comes to thinks that simply make sense.
See I think once we all get used to choosing column A or column B, we simply don't care anymore. But we need competition, then maybe something would get done. It's like two record stores selling CD's for the same price. If the third store shows up and gives better deals, the other two need to compete and do the same or they go out of business. If Jon Stewart were to run for president, I think other politicians would have to pony up. That's all.
Mr. Stewart, if you read this, please consider it. And consider me for Vice President. I know I'm not old enough... whatever. Just please, help us all out.


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