If You Build It, They Will Come.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

F*#k Ralph Nader.

Broken down by state, I saw a poll today showing that if the election were held today, neither candidate would win. George Bush would have 254 electoral votes, and Kerry would have 257. Where are the other 27 elecotral votes that would give out the win? Why, they are in undecided Florida again. According to this site, (on the particular day that I write this, as this site changes daily) Bush and Kerry both have 46% of the vote in Florida, and Ralph Nader has 2%.

You know that guy that rides his bicycle in the middle of the road, who slows down traffic almost causing accidents while there is a perfectly good sidewalk that the city put in directly to the right of him? And his only reason for riding on the road messing up traffic and causing you to be late for work is that he has the right to? Next time you see him, introduce yourself, because that man is Ralph Nader.

I saw "The Grudge" today. On a scale of "boo!" to "yahoo!," I give it an "eh..."


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