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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Get Bill Gates in here!!!

Wow, so my computer just crashed. It started off simply enough. Explorer didn't respond. I tried again, and again, and it didn't respond. "Lame," I thought, and so I rebooted the computer. Then suddenly, I get this screen that I've never seen before. It tells me Windows didn't load properly, and it asks if I want to try again, try my old settings or try safe mode. All three of them wait for about two minutes, and then bring me back to the same screen.

"Quite lame," I thought, and then I remembered that John Aitken installed Windows 98 on my old 20Gb hard drive that is in this machine, and so I changed the order in which the drives boot, and now, my friends, I've been transported back seven years into the past. I'm running our old friend Windows 98. Unfortunately as well, the other drives don't boot when I do this, and so I'm running my old PC. All my music, video, games, my TV, my editing software, all completely unreachable.

I did find, however, that I still have my downloaded copies of the Animatrix. I thought I had gotten rid of them long ago.

So hey, lose 400Gb, all my cool stuff, access to my thesis material, and my television, but find my old Animatrix stuff. Every cloud has a silver lining.

"Super lame," thinks Joe.



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