If You Build It, They Will Come.

Friday, March 18, 2005

"St. Patrick was not god. God was that other guy."

One of the things I was stressing about for my shoot is now happily resolved. I got my location for the "evil lair." It's better than I was hoping for. This place is a prop warehouse. There is so much cool stuff in it. The guy gave me the entire building for the weekend. I got access to the alley, the loading dock, he even showed me how to get onto the roof. Now I have to rewrite my script a little so that I can use it all.

Last night, Tom, Dave and I celebrated our irish heritage. Tom is English and Welsh, I am 1/8 irish, and Dave likes Notre Dame. We went to Mo's and ran up a $40 tab between the three of us. Tom paid for the whole thing, on the codition that Dave or I would get the next place. So we moved on to Sebastians, where I've never been, but it was actually really cool. We each had three more green beers, and I bought two for two girls who were mad at a guy because he flipped one of them off, but they were from Wisconsin, and were "lovers, not haters." I picked up the check. Our first three were free, all the others were a dollar apiece. So I had to pay eight bucks. Luck of the irish, I guess.

I've got to finish casting by sunday, meaning I'm making phone calls all day today. I also need to get to the Universal prop warehouse on monday, and go over shots with Cesar on tuesday, and I should be good to go. It's all coming together.

I may have won the chance to use this $125,000 dolly from NYFA, but I don't think I'm going to need it. The only dolly shots I may need are in the Lair, and they gave me access to their production house, meaning I can use their dolly. But it's a badass dolly. The only problem is, I need to get a truck with a liftgate in order to take it out, because it's heavy. Being that I don't really need it, I may refuse it, only because someone else might actually need it.

I drunk dialed Erin last night and wished her a happy thanksgiving.



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