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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Tipy and the Penguin

Once upon a time there was a penguin who lived at the north pole. He got tired of living at the north pole and one day decided to move to America to get a job. He soon found a job as a ice cream truck driver. He drove around the neighborhood selling ice cream.

Kbo+EMc: "Awwww"

Then one day there was a little boy named Timmy...

KBo: "Tibby?"
JPar: "Timmy"
EMc: "Spell that"
JPar: "t-i-m-m-y"
KBo: "Tibby? Spell it again."
JPar: "t-i-m-m-y"
KBo: "Tipy?"
JPar: "Yes, Tipy."

Tipy wanted an ice cream sandwich for him and one for his little sister, but he only had enough for him.

Kbo+EMc: "Awwww"

So he decided to buy one, and split it with his sister.

Kbo+EMc: "Awwww"

The penguin, upon hearing of Tipy's selflessness, decided to give him a free ice cream sandwich.

Kbo+EMc: "Awwww"

So the next day, the penguin came by again, and Tipy came running out to the truck. Tipy said, "Happy Valentine's Day Penguin!" and he gave the penguin a valentines day card.

Kbo+EMc: "Awwww"

The penguin said, "What's this? I've never heard of valentines day!" Tipy then told him all about valentines day and because he was so nice, the penguin gave Tipy another free ice cream sandwich.

EMc: "Awwww"
KBo: "Zzzzzzz...."

the end.


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