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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Dorkiness is expensive!

The archvillian in "The Looker" is a D&D nut named Derrick. After becoming the Looker's nemesis, he renames himself, "The Dungeonmaster." So I needed some props for his bedroom, and I decided to go to this store called the Games Workshop, in the Galleria. I grabbed two small models about the size of a single green army man. I grabbed a small book, a set of dice, and a model that looked like a set of trees. I bring it up to Edgar (yes Edgar) who worked behind the counter, he rings me up.



I budgeted $100 for the props, and this was 80% of my budget. So instead, I got the dice, and the book, put the other crap back, and went to the Discovery Channel Store (which if you ever come across one, go. So much cool stuff) and a KB Toys. Spent a total of $72, and got much cooler nerdy stuff.

The Games Workshop is lame. It's a lot like that comic book store in Kalamazoo (for my Kalamazoo Readers) off of Kilgore next to the giant Christian Bookstore. You know you go in and inevitably there are people there sitting at tables playing Warhammer 4000 or something. It's not really a place of business, but more of a playground where the nerdy can roam freely without fear of wedgies, wet willies, or the dreaded pantsing in front of the cheerleaders.

I will give them one thing though, that because of that lacking fear of judgement, they are very social creatures. The kids who come into the store all know the clerks and vice versa, and while I was in there, I was asked a few times what game I started out with. While it was a very friendly environment, the question repeated as often as it was made me feel as if I were in a drug rehab facility, being asked by the other inmates how I got there. I of course came across as the guy in denial, as I told everyone that they weren't for me, they were for a movie. Then the last guy said out loud "Noob! L.O.L.!" and walked away laughing.

Ok, that's not true, but how funny would that have been?



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