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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Easter Eggs

If you have The Exteneded Return Of The King DVD's, put the first disc in your DVD player, and go to the scene selection section, and find the last chapter. Once that's highlighted, hit down, and a ring will appear on the bottom of the screen. Hit enter, and you'll find a really really funny easter egg. Do the same thing on the second disc, and you see a clip from the 2004 MTV Movie Awards.

Also, on each of the Star Wars prequel DVD's there's a spot under sound options where you can highlight the THX logo. (On the original trilogy bonus disc, it's under "video game and stills") Once you highlight the logo, type 11, the screen will flicker (on the bonus disc, a little box next to R2 will glow) then type 3, it' will flicker again, then press 8 (for THX 1138). You'll get to see the gag reels.



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