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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Follow Up to "My New Hero"

This was going to be a comment on a previous entry in response to Johanna's comment, but I want to put it up front, because I think it's another question that can get a bunch of discussion going. So read the entry titled "My new hero", and then the comment left, then come back and read this, and please please leave your opinion. -j


Come on though. I mean, yeah, he's in Manhattan, but he's dated 20 girls in one year and spent $14,000. That's $700 per girl (not per "first date" but per girl). That doesn't surprise me at all. A lot of girls totally abuse the date scene, going out simply to get the free meal and attention. This guy had enough of that.

So I guess for a follow up question, and again not to sound mysogynistic, because I'm not, we already had that discussion, but just to have a real discussion...

Where does the women's struggle for "equality" stop, and the need to be treated chivalrously begin? Is it equality women are after, or is it the good parts about being a man without the sacrifice of the good parts about being a woman? Is it not plausible that in this struggle for equality, that instead of women getting everything, men get good stuff too? (like paternity leave, and women holding doors for us) How close to you think the two genders are to equality as we stand now? Isn't it a little misguided anyway? In my opinion, we'll never be perfectly equal, but we may have the same number of pros and cons. Should women get some of our cons as well? (being forced to pay exorbitant amounts of alimony, the ability to be jailed for hitting your husband, draft eligibility should the draft be reinstated, as Éowyn and I discussed, getting up to investigate the strange noise at 2am, or at least in the social situation of being expected to pick up the check, etc.) Who has it better, men or women? Discuss.


  • Oh Joe, you love this subject, don’t you? Well here is my opinion, take it or leave it.

    I think that people should be respected. Bottom line. If two people respect each other, all of this other garbage doesn’t matter. Man or woman, you should treat people with respect. It’s that old “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. I’m guessing that the girl buying the outrageously priced drinks didn’t have a lot of respect for the guy she was out with.

    Chivalry vs. Equality (HUGE difference):

    So let’s see, Chivalry…If a guy opens my car door for me, I’m not offended. He’s not opening it because I’m incapable of doing it myself, hopefully he is doing it as a gesture of kindness. In return, I will reach across and unlock his door for him, again kindness. If my husband cooks me dinner, I will happily do the dishes (even though I hate dishes), not because it’s my “place” as a woman to do the dishes, but because I want to reciprocate the kind gesture. If he does something nice for me, I don’t expect it because I’m a woman and deserve chivalry, I appreciate it for what it is, respect and kindness. The moment you begin to expect things from another person for no reason other than your sex, is the moment you begin to have problems. If my husband were to come home and say “Where is my dinner, woman” I’m gonna have to drop-kick him in the dick. On the other hand, if I choose to make him dinner, because I want to do something nice for him, I’m not any less of a feminist (ooo, the “F” word, that’s another discussion). Respect, Gratitude, Love from both sexes is all that is needed.

    Equality… If a man and a woman are equally qualified to do the same job, then yes, they should get rewarded equally. Some people, men or women, are better at certain things than others, that’s just the way life is. If you respect the people around you for their abilities, then nothing else matters.

    I’m really sleepy, and I’m not articulating well, but I hope you get the idea.

    Good night,


    (Now about the noises…Say it’s 2am and I’m sleeping in bed with my husband, we hear a strange noise. Yes, we may both be scared, but come on people, I’m 5 foot-nothin 100lbs, he’s 5’10” 180lbs and he knows KungFu. Who do you think is more qualified to go check out the scary noise? Not that I am incapable of doing it, I have my pepper spray, but I think he may have a slight advantage over me in the scary noise department.)

    By Blogger Eowyn Mishawn, at Wed May 25, 04:54:00 AM EDT  

  • I just love discussion. This topic seems to spark it.

    By Blogger Joseph, at Wed May 25, 05:10:00 AM EDT  

  • Well I have discussed this topic a number of times with friends & it always ends it an "Shut Up" simply because I am pro equality among men & women... meaning women get some of the male cons... however, id say not all. Some women like to be viewed as the tough nut... the one who is just as good as the boys. Those seem to be the women who have the biggest issue. Me, personally... I dont let a guy pay for me, until he gets so mad at me.. that I give up the fight.. but there are men out there who like to do things like that in my experience.
    My Point
    Equality among men & women will never be solved on the grand scale, just like blacks & whites & tons of other races. However, I think most women and men alike should pursue it in their personal relationships. Push for the equality, that the woman pays, the man helps with the children and all the other stereotypical roles that each gender has. Lets Mix it up!.
    Then again... Thats just my opinion and we all know what they say about opinions~

    By Anonymous Ashley00000, at Wed May 25, 01:10:00 PM EDT  

  • Personally, I don't really even care, I was just hoping to get another 20 comment post going. Aparently, I'm unpopular.


    By Blogger Joseph, at Thu May 26, 11:45:00 PM EDT  

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