If You Build It, They Will Come.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Can't sleep again.

It's 4am again. I've been in bed sice 12:30 trying to go to bed at a decent time two nights in a row, but alas, I cannot sleep again tonight.

I just got a spam email with the subject, "Are You Big and Beautiful, Curvacious and Love to Flaunt?"

Why yes, yes I am.


  • Sorry you cnoldn't sleep last night, but at you can take comfort in that you looked good doing it beautiful:)

    By Anonymous me:), at Tue Oct 18, 04:09:00 PM EDT  

  • why dont they have a spam that says "are you small and meek, anorexic and manic" ?

    by the way, you should check out my website http://smallmeekanorexicwhoresxxx.com

    or... you know..

    By Blogger M R C, at Thu Oct 20, 06:30:00 AM EDT  

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