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Sunday, October 02, 2005

So... freakin... bored...

It was a nice little saturday. The Wolverines beat the Spartans in OT, which, come on, did anyone see the game? Did anyone see that phantom "fumble" that resulted in a MSU touchdown? I always thought the rule was if the quarterbacks hand is moving forward when the ball comes out, it's called an incomplete pass. So much so that people look at replays where it's so close that you can see the QB's hand move an inch forward when the ball pops out and they rule it down. Today he basically threw the ball directly into the ground, and that big samoan guy just picked it up and ran. It doesn't matter. U of M still won.

I talked to Erin for three hours today. It was really nice.

My roommates went to Lansing to see Serenity today. They have friends on the other side of the state and they wanted to go together so they drove an hour and a half to a central location. They drove to Lansing after MSU lost an OT game to Michigan. A few years ago, that would be a death wish. Johanna just got home.

I watched The Manchurian Candidate today. The Sinatra one. Very good. It's on AFI's top 100 (#67). I watched Citizen Kane yesterday or the day before, it's on AFI's top 100 (#1). I'd seen Citizen Kane before, but had never seen The Manchurian Candidate.

Now I'm really bored. Which is stupid, because it's 1am. Normal people, when they're bored at 1am, they go to bed. Me? It's still early for me. Plus it's saturday, and I actually just ate dinner like an hour ago.

Problem is, there's nothing to do. It's too late to go out if I wanted to do that, because everywhere closes in 40 minutes, and that would be too short. I've watched a bunch of movies recently, so I don't feel like doing that. Maybe I'll play around with some SFX programs and try to learn what I can. That was my original plan for this weekend, but I didn't sleep until about 6am last night, and then I woke up at 9am, and then I went back to bed at 10am, and got up at noon to watch the football game. I should be really tired. Maybe I should just lay down and read a book and try to fall asleep at a normal time. If only I had a good book.

There's books all over this house. I'm going to lay down.



  • Next time I see you I'll bring you a good book:) How do you talk to someone for 3 hours? That's just crazy.

    By Anonymous schmoo, at Sun Oct 02, 11:27:00 AM EDT  

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