If You Build It, They Will Come.

Friday, July 21, 2006

I've got a bad case of loving you.

I just got back from the doctors office. I've successfully dropped my blood pressure from the "concerning" 165/98 to the "excellent" 124/82. Unfortunately somewhere along the way I gained four pounds. That's what I'm working on now.

After moving Rob into his third floor apartment yesterday, I've determined I'm entirely out of shape. So no more soda for me. That's step one. Step two, no more eating unless I'm hungry. Step three, my doctor recommended a 30 minute brisk walk three times a week. I'm going to do that, or skate at Wings Stadium if I can.

All I know is that a hardcore workout puts me in an amazingly good mood. Last night after moving Rob in we all went out to dinner and I couldn't get over how great I felt. Plus I've always wanted to be studly.


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