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Friday, November 03, 2006

John Kerry's Joke.

Yeah, why not weigh in on this the same as millions of bloggers with opinions as worthless as mine.

John Kerry made a "joke" about kids getting an education or they'll get stuck in Iraq.

Was it a good joke? No. Was it unnecessary? Yes. Was it in poor taste? Yes. Was it inaccurate? Unfortunately not.

I'm not saying our troops are somehow stupid, and I'm sure John Kerry, a Vietnam Vet would never imply such a thing either. But I'd implore you to find one single ground troop with a PhD. You'd be hard pressed, because if you have a PhD, you don't join the army, you go into a field that you got your title of Doctor in, because you are in demand. I'm not saying our troops are idiots, I don't have a PhD either. I don't know anyone who has a PhD. But if you drop out of college, or even finish with a bachelors degree, the state of the economy is so terrible in the last six years, that one of the only ways to get money to raise a family is to fight in Iraq, because there certainly aren't any more decent paying low to mid level jobs around here.

Hence, get a good education or you'll be stuck in Iraq. Not that tough of a riddle to decipher.

But this is what will happen.

Bush and the GOP who are struggling to do ANYTHING right will latch onto this one "botched joke" made by one man, and try to convince all the "tell us what to think" conservatives that all Democrats hate the troops, and think they're stupid, and want them to die in Iraq, and hate Jesus, and want to hand out free abortions, and make spanish the national language, and burn the flag, and kill kittens, etc. etc. etc.

And they will win control of the House and the Senate again.

We've seen it before folks. Here's Bush's terrible economy. Here's his failure in the war in Iraq. Here's his failure to prevent 9/11. Here's him passing the buck and blaming everyone else. Here's his lack of WMD's in Iraq. Here's the rising death tolls of those troops we so adamently "support" yet leave to die without adequate armor in a baseless war. Here's the renegade Osama bin Laden, who we still haven't caught. Here's his dealings with Enron. Here's him sitting around while gas reaches $3.35 a gallon.

But Kerry "flip-flopped."

And the right ate it right up.

It doesn't take much, does it?

It's like all the shit that's gone wrong with the GOP and Bush have magically just been wisked away by a "joke" taken out of context and bent to make it seem like it was an attack on the troops and not an attack on George W. Bush.

The republicans are sharks. And all it takes is a tiny drop of blood in the water for them to attack visciously. One tiny imprefection and they treat it like it's a personal offense.

Lucky for them, yet shameful for us, that we don't hold them to the same standards.

We'll scorch the earth
Set fire to the sky
We stoop so low
To reach so high

-U2; Red Hill Mining Town


  • Its not the first time for Kerry to bash the military...as a matter of fact, its his claim to fame. Look back at his bio, by throwing his own "Band of Brothers" under the bus back in the Viet Nam era, he started his political career. I grew up in the Viet Nam era...there were no "Heros"...then in 2004 one shows up in Washington on a Presidental run? "John Kerry ready for duty"? What a sceaming plastic man. To bad for him, his "Brothers" never forgot. The mans had self serving political ambitions ever since he step foot in Nam...and I'd never trust a man like that. Besides, he looks like he'd make the perfect weasle "Neadermyer" character if one were casting a movie like Animal House!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Nov 03, 10:53:00 PM EST  

  • come on with the vietnam..when you're knee deep in foreign blood, and pissing your pants because Disney ass America never really tightened your nerves, his "band of brothers" would've done the same. Trust? No one went to Vietnam to become president when they're fillin body bags left and right. At least he was trying to be brave while George shot coke up his nose with his dad's money. I hate to say it, and I envy the bravery that our troops must endure..but I've met many soldiers of the U.S., and I'm sorry but they all had the brain power of Boo Radley. Entering the Army for personal political ambitions? If it's not in the favor for the other side, then why the hell not? Hoping to serve your country, and then serve again in what he believes is right? You don't have to like him, but don't say he's untrustworthy. You rant like a child.

    Joseph..nice call on the house and senate.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Nov 09, 01:37:00 AM EST  

  • Whoa.

    So I guess I was wrong on the House and Senate thing. Thank God I was wrong on the House and Senate thing. Perhaps it's time to have a little more faith in the people of this country after all. I mean when Bush somehow got re-elected, I just about threw in the towel, but you've done me proud America.

    And there seems to be an anonymous fight on my blog. That's frightening.


    By Blogger Joseph, at Thu Nov 09, 08:42:00 PM EST  

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