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Monday, June 24, 2002

Oh my gentle Jesus, I HATE dorks. HATE THEM. Nopa pointed out this website where this guy is insulted by bad movie physics. Insulted! By physics in a movie! AHH I hate you! Get a freakin life you assclown. He goes through all these physics explanations to say that when people shoot lasers in movies, you shouldn't be able to see them. Or bullets don't make sparks. Duh, you idiot. But how much entertainment could you get out of people pointing guns at each other and hearing a bang sound effect? Hmm moron, movies need to be entertaining, not accurate. You're arguing the Chewbacca defense, and you sound like an idiot. Go to a movie and enjoy it you damn nerd. He's like, "The Matrix was bad because when Trinity kicked the cop in that one scene, he should have rotated, but instead he just flew back." I cannot come up with the words to describe how much of a dorkass you are. Get a life. I hate it when people get offended by something so freaking stupid that has absolutely nothing to do with them personally, professionally, or in any other way. You need to grow up and get over your mental acumen of physics and realize that just because you can disect a work of fiction as being not real, which if you pick up a dictionary, is the definition of fiction, and just buy your popcorn, eat your Milk Duds, and shut the hell up. A movie is for entertainment. A PBS special is supposed to be physically accurate. There's a difference, so straighten it out and get off your computer, get rid of your pocket protector, turn off your TI-92 Calculator, get out of your parents basement and go meet a girl.


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