If You Build It, They Will Come.

Thursday, June 06, 2002

JoFish19: i had a weirdo dream last night
erinatwork2: yeah?
JoFish19: yeah
JoFish19: I was at my uncle's house
JoFish19: only it was different
JoFish19: and he had these pictures on his wall that were actually flatscreen televisons
JoFish19: he had them all around the room, like two per wall
JoFish19: and they were all showing the same news report at a different stage of an explosion that happened at a bridge construction site.
JoFish19: and i was watching them and like suddenly I was there.
JoFish19: I could hear announcers talking
JoFish19: and these guys were working on the bridge, and they were standing on really small platforms WAY up in the air.
JoFish19: I was in a boat, and i got out and I was swimmiing in the water.
JoFish19: and I went under and I was wearing a mask so I could see
JoFish19: and suddenly i saw a giant bubble get pressed down into the water and heard this giant boom
JoFish19: and I came up quickly and there was fire all over and debris flying through the air and floating on the water.
JoFish19: so I ducked back under
JoFish19: and the water started getting really hot
JoFish19: and I was swimming away
JoFish19: and there was this girl floating there
JoFish19: and i grabbed her and swam back to the boat
JoFish19: and the boat was on fire in spots, but i got us in and hurried back to shore
JoFish19: she started waking up
JoFish19: (for the record she was mega-hot and in a white bikini, just so you get the full picture)
erinatwork2: yeah
JoFish19: and I took her back to my house
JoFish19: and I was cut
JoFish19: on my head
JoFish19: i was bleeding
JoFish19: she was barely conscious and her bikini top was next to gone.
JoFish19: i took her to my house on Canal in Grandville
erinatwork2: yep
erinatwork2: boy dream
JoFish19: I set her down on the couch
JoFish19: and I got her a shirt
erinatwork2: aww
JoFish19: and i had this pain in my stomach that dizzied me
erinatwork2: even a gentleman in your dreams
JoFish19: i got her some ice
JoFish19: and my parents were there
JoFish19: and I told them what happened
JoFish19: and they and my grandparents started playing cards
JoFish19: so I asked this girl, whos name was Amy, if there was anyone I could call
JoFish19: and she said we could call her husband, because her four kids would be worried about her.
erinatwork2: aw
JoFish19: (Even in my dreams, I don't have a chance)
erinatwork2: :-)
JoFish19: so we call
JoFish19: my dad does
JoFish19: so eventually her husband shows up with four kids who look kind of nervous that their mom is hurt
JoFish19: so I play with them a little bit to try to cheer them up while they talk
JoFish19: (the girl and her husband)
JoFish19: the girl, by the way, looked 21, and super hot, and there was no way four kids came out of her
JoFish19: so
JoFish19: they talk for a bit, and the husband tells me how thankful he is that I was there and so nice to his wife
erinatwork2: :-)
JoFish19: and I'm like, yeah.
JoFish19: and then she's like, I should give you your shirt back.
JoFish19: I'm like, no keep it
JoFish19: its cool
JoFish19: and she leaves, and I'm lying on the couch in my den, I wave to her, and I woke up waving to my refrigerator.


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