If You Build It, They Will Come.

Saturday, December 20, 2003

Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Anything that I've spent an entire year on, deserves to not be rushed through in order to make a deadline that I've imposed on myself. It would have been nice to give Twelve Page Paper away for Christmas, but it looks as if it will not come to pass. I've decided that the movie will be first distributed after the premiere. Only seems to make sense. It will be finished a while before that, and the DVD will be authored, along with the special features including, but not limited to, the gag reel, which as of now is around 15 minutes long. The trailer, or trailers as the case may then be. There is only one as of now that is around four minutes long. I'll make one or two shorter ones. Some behind the scenes short film, along with I'm sure one or two other short films. The audio commentary, and the MSTing of the film. It'll more than likely be two discs.

There will be some pre-release copies made. There's actually already one out there. I'm also going to work on the cover art, probably tonight.

Actually I'm probably going to lay down and pass out in a second. Why? Read my previous post from today.

At any rate, once the rotoscoping is done, this will be a lot easier. Yes, I'm STILL rotoscoping. To be honest, I haven't touched it in a little while, which sucks because it's still there, but I've been doing the ADR and the rest of the shooting. Oh well. If this snow melts a little we should be alright.

Maybe I'll play a little XIII. I know, I just said all shooting games are the same. It's true. This one has a story though that is really interesting.

Oh, and they canned The 7th Guest III.



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