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Friday, April 02, 2004

I can feel the hatred burning inside me. It's right in my heart. I can literally feel anger. It's very bizarre, because I'm very calm. I feel like I could flip out, but I know I'm not going to.

It's frustrating. I'm trying to make this DVD, and it keeps telling me that the data rate is too high. I realized it was first because I was trying to put 7.3GB onto a 4.7GB disc. So I encoded it with a lower maximum bit rate, so that it came to 4.1GB. Now each time I transcode these AVI files it takes around three hours. I tried again, and the data rate was still to high. In order to trun it down again, I need to change all the transcoded files back to their original state. I did this smartly though. Since this is the fourth time I've had to completely start over due to some stupid error, I saved multiple copies of the project. Everytime I saved, I saved it as a seperate file, so that way if it fouled up again after I saved, I wouldn't have to start completely over. So I tried to revert the files to their original state. And I get an error message I've not gotten yet. "Access Denied." Interesting, I think to myself, this is my project, and I've not put read only access on it, so "Access Denied" should not be an error message I'm receiving. So I go back to the other file, transcoded as well, but in the larger 7.3GB version, to try to revert that back as well. Again, "Access Denied." So I go back to the earlier one, with no transcoding done yet. I double click on the icon of the project. "Cannot Find Project." Again, I'm looking right at it. Ok, I think, I'll just open it with Encore. I go into Encore, File > Open > 12ppVer5.ncor "Access Denied." None of them open now. I exit out, and I reinstall Encore. No help. I check the project folders properties. They are all read only. So, I turn off the read only and try again. "Access Denied." Read only is turned back on. I'm not really sure that is my problem, as Encore was fouling up constantly before. Encore is a $550 program, it really should work if people are going to buy it. So now, if I start over again, and I transcode again, and it's still too high, I'm going to have to start all over again. Authoring the DVD took about 3 hours, plus the three hours to transcode, and then the error message would pop up. So I am officially completely pissed off. This has been five total days worth of work, starting over over and over again. And now I have to start over again.

So if you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments. I don't know what to do.


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