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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Dear Lola,

SBC sucks. I called them to cancel my caller ID and call waiting and voicemail so I could save about $20 a month. They took it off right away, but continued charging me for it for two months. I called them angrily and told them what had happened, and they said I still had it and hadn't requested the termination of service. I told them that I no longer had the service, as my voicemail was gone, along with my caller ID, and they finally agreed and said I'd get a credit, and it wouldn't show up anymore. Next month it was back on there. I called again, and complained, and again, was promised a credit and again was billed for the service. Six months total. I cancelled the services in december, and they weren't off my bill until june. It finally got taken off when I told them I was cancelling their service completely, and the lady almost begged me not to. I did end up getting all the credit I deserved and didn't have to pay a phone bill for about three and a half months. So that was okay. But those guys are total assclowns.

Dear everyone,

All skate.

The DVD was coming together nicely, then I found out Encore wants to fight me. And Encore is fighting dirty. Everything got erased today, when suddenly Windows couldn't find the file on my desktop. Now, I'm no computer, but, I had no trouble finding the file. I was looking right at it. Then after a series of reboots, suddenly one of my files, (which one, I'll never know) apparently wasn't right. I was told to go to Photoshop to fix the RGB error. What that means to what file, I have no clue.

And I swear to god I got the strangest error today. I felt like someone was watching me, like I was being Punk'd. I was using Encore, and this error message pops up, and word for word, it says:

"You have encountered a Really Bad Error (tm). You had better stop before it gets worse."


So I lost everything I've done so far as far as transcoding. That's not so bad, all the links I have to redo, and remake all the menus, and that's about all. And all the conversions of AVI to MPEG-2. When it's done though, it'll be beautiful.

I work a 3rd tomorrow, and I worked 1st today. So I was up at 6am, and I need to stay up so I can get on a third shift schedule. It's kicking my ass right now. It's 2:04am, so I've been up for 20 hours. I was ready to go to sleep like 5 hours ago, but I can't let myself. Ugh.

I think that's all for me tonight.

Happy April Fools Day.
Remember to set your clocks ahead on sunday.



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