If You Build It, They Will Come.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Johanna, I love you. I will probably take you up on the trek across the country. That would be super cool. Also, NYFA sent me some recommendations as to where to live that I am going over this weekend. I'll let you know what I come up with.

Also if anyone else wants to go, I'm sure we could take more.

In other news, the first wave of the Twelve Page Paper DVD's will be in the mail monday. They're done, in envelopes, addressed, and ready to go, but in Lexington, the post office isn't open at all on the weekends. Mainly because there are two people who work there. Seriously.

A quick note about the DVDs. The covers turned out lovely. They look different than the cases I had at the premiere, it's no longer just the black cover. The discs themselves looked awesome too. Look'ED' But they no longer do. See, I came up with this design for them which actually looked cool, and I had to use those disc label stickers to stick them on. They looked super sweet, but after the labels were put on, for some odd reason, the DVDs didn't play. (Yes I put them on the right side). They play a little, and then pixelate and lock up, just like the disc we had at the premiere, which was also stickered. The ones without stickers play fine. In fact, to test this theory, I had one, watched it all the way through without the sticker and it played fine. Afterwards I stickered it, and it crashed five minutes in. If anyone has any better ideas to make the discs look better, help me. The ones being sent out are just the blank DVD-R covers with my writing on them. Boring and cheap looking.

My mom needs the computer, I gotta go.


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