If You Build It, They Will Come.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Ok, so the internet is fun, right? Not only for the wealth of information, and interesting legitimate content, but also for the fact that any wacko-ass can publish a web page.

I found a page claiming an Illuminati conspiracy that is a gross human rights violation and is responsible for the death of billions. It's called "birth." Sounds like a funny joke, doesn't it? Yeah, this guy is serious. The Illuminati somehow have something to do with it, he gets to that at the bottom of the page, but he claims that women get pregnant to kill their children. All children grow up and die eventually and WOMEN AND THE ILLUMINATI KNOW THIS!! In that sense, sex is premeditated murder on a life that isn't even concieved yet.

Wowza. Time to arrest your parents, kids. I got my parents on three counts of attempted murder for me and my brothers.

Although, you can't get arrested for murder until someone is dead. So after I die, THEN I'll take them to court and arrest them. It'll be alright, because they'll probably be dead by then too.

But the CONSPIRACY to commit murder charge... I guess technically I was unplanned, but they can't prove it!

You're going down, Mom and Dad. I know you gave me life only so that I'd die someday. You planned this whole thing.


Step Six is great. Confirm that no person... or government is currently protecting you or has any plans to protect you from this criminal act. Yes, the government is not aiding in your immortality, they're too busy getting fat and thinking of themselves.

The best, though, is the picture of the baby about a fifth of the way down the page.

This guy definately voted for Bush. Don't deny it. You know it.


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