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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Jaws: The Music Video.

That's right.

We started shooting a 35mm music video that is supposed to be for the theme from Jaws. So far, it's slightly brilliant. It begins when a guy is watching Jaws at his house. He gets so scared, that he passes out and wakes up in a Speedo on Amity Island, and all types of hijinks ensue. He meets a girl in a go-go dress, he is rescued from an escaped convict, he murders an alien with a baseball bat, then a dance number ensues, and all kinds of other crap happens. We shoot the interior stuff tomorrow.

The best was Nick, one of the kids in my crew, was the kid in the slightly stuffed speedo. He was in the speedo nearly all day, as a tourist tram went by nearly every ten minutes. We had checked out one of the DV cams, and filmed a two hour behind the scenes documentary, which ended with a mockumentary about working with "The Naked Director" Nick Hynes, and his absolute brilliance. We'll be cutting all this stuff together soon. Hopefully, I'll then have it on the Coughing Dog site.

It was a blast today.



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