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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Some things never change.

Oh hello.

The following is in response by me to a question posted by me. See, once upon a time there were Three Pimps and a Crackwhore. They all studied at WMU and procrastinated by blogging sometimes up to 30 times a day. They would post questions for people to answer, topics of conversations, references to Ryan's latent homosexuality, so on and so forth. I one day posed a question about the description of everyones dream person. You know, like qualities that the others found attractive, or things they would want in a girl/boyfriend. Nothing that if you ever fell in love, you would necessarily hold someone to, but at the time, what it was you wanted. I posed this knowing instantly that Jon would puss out and say "I just want someone who makes me happy" and thus ruin the game, which he, of course, did. Obviously that's what we all want. At least guys do, lots of women tend to flock to guys who make them miserable. (Women are dumb... written just for you KBo). At any rate, I read over this today, and found it still is 100% applicable. This woman, however, may not really exist. The part about her having 17 boobies, and the ability to take me flying like Superman does for Lois Lane... that's hard to come by.

Just kidding.

From "Three Pimps and a Crackwhore" Oct 11, 2001:

My dream chicky is shorter than me, her head comes up to my chin, so that when she hugs me I can put my head on top of hers. She is someone who just fits, ya know? Not like an awkward hugger, but her body fits with mine. She's got eyes like Claire Forlani, and a beautiful smile. She's got long hair, but lot too long. Straight hair. She's funny. Very funny. Fall on the ground rolling funny, but she can be serious when she needs to be. She's smart. Book smart and people smart. She can beat me at chess without me letting her. She's friendly, and gets along really well with my family. She is someone who can go hang out with my mom for an afternoon an have a good time. She's someone who can joke around with my brothers and my dad and make fun of them back, because thats what they always do. She's someone who can sit in silence with me, and we wouldn't feel that awkward need to entertain each other. But we can talk. We can talk for hours without a real point to any of it. She's someone who gets along with my friends, and we can go to a party and not have to stand next to each other the whole night. She's very open, and extroverted. She can make an ass of herself just for a laugh without feeling embarrassed. She's very open-minded too, not somone who is so set in her ways that she is scared to death to try something she has never done. She'll go skydiving, she's daring. She is someone I can trust with my life. She's kind, considerate, and loves playing with little kids. She's strong. Not physically, mentally. She can deal with stress, and hard times, and still smile. She doesn't play mind games. She won't do that girly thing where she says nothing is wrong and proceeds to pout all night, or she won't try to push any jealousy buttons just to push them. She's honest. She'll tell me when something is wrong, realizing that if she doesn't think it's a big deal, I probably won't either. She's someone I can fight with and not worry that she's going to leave me for it. Someone who I will know that even if she doesn't like me at the moment, she still loves me. She does something, something I can support her in. Like plays volleyball, or paints or something. She teaches me. Things I've never known before, things I've never experienced, like art or jazz. And she wants to learn things I can teach her, like hockey. She'll play football with the guys and actually play, not just be the typical girl on the guys team who just says, "I'll just run around." She's someone who could take my moms side in an argument against me, but take my side in an argument against her mom. She likes classic rock, and isn't afraid to sing, even if it's bad. But most importantly she'll be someone who moves me. Someone who thinks of things in way that I never have before. Someone who can make me look at something I've seen my whole life, and actually make me reconsider it. Someone who can change my mind. Someone who gives me confidence, instead of attacking me for not having any. She's someone who inspires me to be better at everything I do. Oh, and she calls me Joseph.

That's not too much to ask for, is it?



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