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Saturday, March 05, 2005

No sleep til Brooklyn

I think that I'm going to take a week off and go to Kalamazoo. I've got a free round trip plane ticket, and a week after the thesis projects that I guess would technically be a "spring break." Maybe I'll go to New York, or Missouri, or somewhere else. Who knows.

That is all. Go about your business.



  • New York, you should definitely pick NY. Then you will literally be living the exact life that I wish I had. Well, almost...If you run into Johnny Depp and he asks you to run away with him, then you will be living my EXACT dream life.

    By Blogger Eowyn Mishawn, at Sat Mar 05, 01:58:00 AM EST  

  • Eowyn has a good point, Joe. You could stay with Lola and I and we trounce about the city!! Ofcourse, I'd understand if you went to Kalamazoo, because I miss it too.

    By Blogger rob, at Sat Mar 05, 01:02:00 PM EST  

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