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Saturday, June 04, 2005

at long last... i've graduated

after twenty one long years, i'm done with school. i graduated today. we had a kicking after party, i won a blue monkey at city walk which i gave to one of our cute female teachers. i said goodbye to some people i've gotten really close to over the last year, promising to keep in touch with all of them. my family came out to see my graduation "ceremony" which consisted of the screening in beverly hills, and then the handing out of a diploma. then we partied long into the night, and as i type this sentence, it's 4:52am.

a few words on the screening. the looker could not have gone over better. i couldn't have ever hoped for the reception it got. the entire audience was laughing consistantly, and then over the end shot, the boom up on the looker on the rooftop, from beginning to end there was applause. they were applauding during the movie, not just at the end credits. the response i got was amazing. especially since my film showed first.

on another note, nick hynes' film "infest" was EXTREMELY good and super creepy. i heard someone behind me describe it as "very david lynch." it was to me, david lynch meets silent hill, which is cool because his set design was based on silent hill. very spooky. with his permission, i'm going to try to get it up on the CDP site so everyone can see it.

everyone seemed to enjoy alex gomez's "cocktails" as well, as i got a lot of compliments as to my "acting ability." that was the most fun of all of them to make.

the looker is still up at CDP, if you haven't seen it, please check it out and let me know what you think. it's a streaming file, and if you try to download it you get it in some crazy 4:3 aspect ratio due to the program i used to compress it. if you watch it on the site, it should play in a normal ratio.

tomorrow i'm taking the family on a tour of hollywood, and then on monday i begin the journey back to kalamazoo. adios friends.



  • *stands up
    *starts the one person slow clap

    (*follows you and your family around Hollywood applauding waiting for others to join in)


    By Blogger M R C, at Sat Jun 04, 01:08:00 PM EDT  

  • Hey congratulations! Play your graduation march, walk down to the squared circle, climb to the top rope, raise your arms letting everyone know your #1 and give someone an elbow drop!

    ...or don't whatever


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Jun 04, 03:58:00 PM EDT  

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! You're pretty much the coolest person I know. Flippin Sweet!

    By Blogger Eowyn Mishawn, at Sat Jun 04, 05:14:00 PM EDT  

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