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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My So Called Life

The last two nights in a row have consisted of the following routine.

1.) Begin editing at about 6pm.
2.) Begin Freecell / obsessively checking email at about 7pm.
3.) Return to editing at 7:30pm
4.) Text Message Éowyn at around 10pm.
5.) Begin phone conversation with Éowyn at about 10:15pm.
6.) Finish conversation around 11:30pm.
7.) Check email / blogs / collegehumor.com at 12am.
8.) Conan O'Brein at 12:37am.
9.) Continue editing at 1:15am.
10.) Render a cut at around 3am, while rendering, go to Ralphs to buy a microwave pizza and Mt. Dew.
11.) Talk to crazy 3rd shift Ralph's guy who is always inquisitive about whatever shirt I happen to be wearing. (Tonight was my "Alcatraz Psycho Ward" shirt. He asked where I got it... while I wanted to hit him because that's a terribly stupid question, I actually didn't get it from Alcatraz, Laura Barb got it for me. So I let him get away with it.)
12.) 3:30am: Continue Editing.
13.) Hear the birds start chirping at around 5:30am. Realize that it has indeed been another all nighter. Continue editing.
14.) Start 80's movie while editing around 6am. (Tonight it was Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Yesterday was The Princess Bride.)
15.) Talk to my roommates who are just waking up at 7:30am.
16.) 8am: Burn a cut onto DVD. Check blogs again.

Now yesterday, I also had class at 9am, so I didn't get to sleep until about 2pm. Which is why I'm still up now. Granted I only slept for 4 hours, but my schedule is all screwed up. Today I have a 15 minute meeting (that will be 16 minutes and 42 seconds) at 3:15pm, and that's all. Tomorrow I have one early class, then friday I have one early class, then the screening / graduation / party, and I'm officially done with school. As Napoleon Dynamite would say, "flippin' sweet."

Also, I finished The Looker this morning. It's done. Completed. In the can. I plan to have it online an hour before the 7pm screening on friday. Hopefully.

Goodnight folks.


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