If You Build It, They Will Come.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Wu too.

My Wu name is "Action-Packed Mentallist."

My personal Wu-Tang Clan would consist of:

Erin Cain aka Masta Cow
Kristine Williams Boswell aka Erratic Assassin
Éowyn Mishawn aka Homicidal Terrahawk
Jason Ervin aka Big Gay Mule
Jamie Flynn aka Inscrutable Drama Queen
Charlie DeBone aka Tha Visible Choirboy
Chris Brill aka Violent Toilet Thing
John Aitken aka Dependable Skeleton
Marcy Bross aka Fiendish Observational Comedian.

My old friend Tera Breinich's name would be Bastard BASTARD Harbourmastah.

My mom would be Ol' Filthy Sweaty Bastard. My dad: Cybernetic Tiger. Jordan is Grand Moff Puppeteer, and Brent is Flippant She-Creature.

My favorite is my great uncle Ed though, or should I say my great uncle Dubious Masturbatah-X.

When I put in Éowyn's full name it said "Please go back to the form and fill in the form with sensible names! This is no laughing matter." Too funny.


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