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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The BCS doesn't care about Maize and Blue people

Today I am a huge Ohio State fan.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still a Michigan fan more, but I want OSU to cream Florida for the National Championship. Then Michigan to cream USC in the Rose Bowl. Then maybe all those voters who jumped a team that was #9 four weeks before their last game over a team whos only loss was to the #1 team away and by three, will look at what they did. Also maybe we can get over this whole "The SEC is the hardest conference" crap when the Big Ten champ decimates the SEC champ, and maybe they won't get automatic bids they don't deserve.

I digress.

There's going to be a christmas party at my house on Dec. 17. It's a sunday. I figure we can do it like we do Friends Thanksgiving. Everybody bring something, yada yada. If someone can let Joe D. and Heather know, that would be great, I don't have their number. I think we might do some secret santa thing or something. Details are still up in the air, but won't be for long. Come one, come all.

Go Blue.

Go Bucks.



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