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Saturday, March 23, 2002

I saw two movies yesterday. I saw Resident Evil with Laura in the afternoon, and Blade 2 with guys from work at night. Resident Evil was by far the better movie. In fact I said I would rent Blade 2 because I was convinced it would be like Blade, of which I wasn't a tremendous fan. But it wasn't like Blade, it was worse. Blade 2 had exploding Ultraviolet Grenades that did nothing but shoot light out, but did so with a huge explosive sound and the light shot down tunnels like fire. My flashlight doesn't make explosion sounds and produce wind when I turn it on, but these ones did. The other part of Blade 2 that really upset not just me, but the rest of the guys from work who were big Blade fans, is the stunts done by Randy "Macho Man" Savage. Blade suplexes a villian much in the way the British Bulldog used to do, holding him up in the air and then finally as Gorrila Monsoon would be yelling that the blood has all rushed to his head, he drops him down. And another time the "Predator" Vampire jumps off a column and delivers a devastating elbow right to the chest of Blade. He then goes for the sleeper hold and Blades arm drops once... twice... oh my god he's breaking out! The adrenaline is flowing and he's kicking out! Ok, that last part didn't happen. Plus a few of the fight scenes were animated. That was just weird.

Resident Evil was surprisingly good. By far the best movie based on a video game that has ever been produced. It was scary at parts, I jumped a few times. Left open for a sequel, starting ironically where the game Resident Evil 2 starts. Plus any movie with a naked Mila Jovovich is ok by me. Blade 2 didn't have a naked Mila Jovovich.

Blade 2 * * *
Resident Evil * * * * 1/2


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