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Wednesday, March 27, 2002

This morning I was out of bed before I was even awake. It was the strangest experience. The alarm went off and I was up turning it off when I realized I didn't know what was going on, what day it was, where I was, what that noise was, who I was. I was in a state of complete confusion. I shut off the alarm and looked around and finally everything came back to me. Very strange.

On another note, I missed McDonalds breakfast. That kind of sucks. The Joe wanted a Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit.

So... notes on the production of the film. The screenplay is finished. Casting is not. There are four available male parts and four available female parts, but no one really wants to voluenteer for anything. Jess voluenteered for the part of Claire, but she may have changed her mind. I think I'm going to write a letter to all my friends and ask them to tell me what they would like to do. The filming schedule is done. Filming should take only about 5 days, plus any re-shooting after that. I have a schedule by day, and a schedule by character written out. I'm also keeping track of production costs. About $26 dollars so far. Heh.

Anyway, here are the list of characters, and a short little blurb about them along with shooting days (D=Day N=Night) and reletive amount of screen time. Since my friends all read this, let me know what you want to do.

JEREMY RYAN: (Day 1DN, 2DN, 3DN, 4D, 5DN) Main Character. Lots of lines.

a 21-year-old college student. JEREMY has always had an idea of how he wanted his life to go, but never questioned if there was anything better. Partially because his fear of change, partially his ignorance of knowing anything different. Jeremy is currently a computer science major at WMU. He has a girlfriend of ten months, CLAIRE, and they are quite happy with each other. JEREMY is funny, sweet, kind of messy, can be spontaneous, or can be quite a dick if he is in that kind of a mood.

STEVEN WALKER: (Day 1DN, 2DN, 3N, 4N, 5OFF) Main Character. Lots of Lines.

21, majoring in communications. Single, lonely. Won’t be happy until he’s got someone. He is hopeless romantic, in complete denial of romanticism. Believes that he’s been in love before, but isn’t really sure. Ever so slightly jealous and resentful of others luck with the ladies, STEVE is relatively optimistic in just about everything but women.

CLAIRE ANDERSEN: (Day 1DN, 2N, 3DN, 4D, 5OFF) Main Character. Lots of lines.

also 21 and a college student education major. CLAIRE is more of a laid back girl. She seems to have her priorities straight, and her goals on track. CLAIRE is organized; she carries her appointment book with her everywhere. CLAIRE comes from a middle to low-income family, she’s paying for everything on her own, but it’s her good grades and sturdy work ethic that got her a full ride. She loves JEREMY, he’s helped her learn to relax and get to be the laid back one we see today.

CHRIS WILLIAMS: (Day 1DN, 2N, 3OFF, 4OFF, 5OFF) Side Character. Plays guitar. Few lines.

CHRIS is a college student, 22. He’s a friend to everyone involved. CHRIS is a pretty friendly guy. He’s on the straight and narrow path. He’s a simple person in a place where being simple is next to impossible. Chris plays an open mic. night at the OLDE PENNINSULA on Mondays.

KEVIN HORAN: (Day 1DN, 2N, 3N, 4OFF, 5OFF) Side Character. One big scene, a few short ones.

KEVIN is CHRIS’S ROOMMATE. He’s kind of a scary kid, like the kind of guy who’d be voted most likely to stalk Madonna or something. He’s especially frightening because he’s got a huge crush on CLAIRE. He’s just a little obsessed with baseball. He also hates JEREMY out of jealousy.

HOSTESS: (Day 1DN, 2N, 3OFF, 4N, 5OFF) Sort of main character. One long dialogue scene, a few shorter ones.

The girl who works at the OP. She’s purposely never given a name throughout the whole script. She’s a girl in her early 20’s who is just out to have a good time when she can. She’s quite emotionally immature, but it never really shows until it’s too late.

ROB ADKINS: (Day 1N, 2N, 3OFF, 4OFF, 5OFF) Side character. No big scenes, few lines.

A friend to everyone involved. He’s a college student, but not a very good one. He’s more focused on the party aspect rather than the school aspect even though he’s in his fourth year. He’s too immature to graduate. He still thinks poop is funny.

AMY JOHNSON: (Day 1N, 2N, 3N, 4OFF, 5OFF) Side Character. No big scenes, very few lines.

CLAIRE’S roommate. Basically full of herself, always uses other peoples talking time to think of what she’s going to say next, rather than listening.

SHANNON KIRBY-HAMILTON: (Day 1OFF, 2OFF, 3OFF, 4OFF 5D) One big scene to be filmed in Grand Rapids. Lots of lines in one scene.

A workaholic, with an unparalleled sense of motivation and drive. She’s a friend of JEREMY’S from High School, though the two were acquaintances at best in those years. She’s a great student, married early, graduated early, starting life early. A BA in psych from MSU and plans for a masters.

So hey, let me know what you want to do or a couple parts you might want to play. Email me


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