If You Build It, They Will Come.

Saturday, June 01, 2002

We're going back to the finals!

I had a lot to say while I was at work today. I seem to have forgotten a lot of it.

You know what I think is one of the sexiest things a woman can have? Individuality. I don't mean the ability to be an individual, as in self supporting and all that. I mean something that makes them different. The greatest thing is that most girls have this, but they choose to call it a character flaw. Don't hide it, flaunt it. There is nothing better. I am so sick of the sorority, booty pants, halter top, long blodne straight hair, big boobs, party until you're drunk out of your mind, and make yourself feel cool by acting like you've got a major stick up your ass, whatever you do don't smile kind of chick. You are not attractive. You are fun to look at. But you are all the same. You're all insensitive, you're all boring, and you all have the personality of a bag of rocks.

Give me a girl that can play guitar. Give me a girl who sculpts. Girls who play sports, girls who play video games. And I mean sports and video games. Not like cheerleading and poke'mon. I mean like soccer and Grand Theft Auto 3. Give me a girl who can think abstractly. Someone who can think on a higher level. Someone who can change my mind. Someone who can argue. An actress, a skater, a dork. You know, someone who knows stuff that other people won't admit they know. Someone who speaks Italian. Soemone with an accent. Someone who water skis. Someone who likes classic rock. Someone different than all you girls out there that pretty themselves up wearing the exact same thing every other girl wears, acting the same cold way. For gods sake, just smile. It won't kill you. If someone says hi, say hi back. If someone smiles, smile back. You aren't cooler than me. I'm not unworthy of your time. Get over yourselves, because you aren't special. You are the exact same girl I saw at the last party, or the last club, or the last bar.

This took a hostile turn. I smiled at a girl today, she looked at me like I had the plague. I really just wanted to say to all those girls out there who feel intimidated because you don't dress or act like the sorority chicks or the "hottie" at the bar, be proud of that. Flaunt that. Dwell in it. You are the good ones. You are the ones that the good guys are looking for. You different copies of the same girl complain that guys are all trashy and jerky, you attract the trashy jerky guys, because there is nothing that makes you stand out, you're just a quick thrill. You seem anonymous, like a stripper. You don't have to really learn a strippers name, because while you're in that club, you could be in any club. While you're there, they're all the same. Sally, Cindy, Suzy, who cares, they'll all dance on me for $20. What's the point in getting to know you? If I know one of you, I know you all. So if you want a girl without all the hassle of an actual devoted relationship, try to hook up with a carbon copy girl. That's why you think we're all pigs. All us good guys, we're all looking for you weirdos. You oddballs. You girls who aren't afraid to be yourselves. Who aren't afraid to go against the grain. You who do something that no one else does.

I guess I can't really speak for everyone, but at least in my opinion you girls are the keepers.


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