If You Build It, They Will Come.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I got ridiculed at work today by a conservative.

I can't be a conservative because I can't believe two opposite things, and I can't live my life in constant fear.  I can't say I hate swordfish without ever trying it, but you can say you hate Fahrenheit 9/11 without ever seeing it.  That doesn't make sense.  I cannot live without sense or logic.  I cannot drop my "Live and Let Live" mentality.  I cannot be offended and sickened by gay marriage, because it in absolutely no way shape or form has any physical, mental or emotional effect on my life whatsoever.  I can't be pissed off at progress.  I can't say that war is the answer to anything.  I cannot ignore the simple truth that violence begets violence.  I cannot exclude diplomacy as a solution.  I cannot live with the notion that I've never made a mistake, that my country is flawless in every way, I cannot shut off the rational part of my mind.  I know America is a generous country, but it's also the richest country.  If the poorest country in the world donates $20 to a cause and we donate $21, we are more generous, but we can afford to give so much more.  I cannot ignore corruption in capitalism, I cannot ignore the fact that people are seeing an opportunity to make money at others expense and they're taking it.  I cannot think that terrorists attacked us because they "hate our way of life."  Our way of life is not that much different than Canada, or England, or Germany, or Japan.  I hate the redneck white trash way of life, but I don't crash my car into their houses.  I cannot be spiteful, or angry at everyone who doesn't see things my way, and take every opportunity I have to point out how wrong they are.  I cannot claim my god is better than your god, because both of our stories are pretty ridiculous, and neither of us have any more proof than the other.
For that, I don't think I will ever admit to being wrong.
peace.  --Joseph 


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