If You Build It, They Will Come.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Is this all a test? My apartment in LA has fallen through, and now I have nowhere to live. And, oh yeah, I leave in less than three weeks. I think that fate loves to kick me around a little bit. Like I said, this is why I never make plans. Were I to stick to my plan, I'd already be living in sunny Florida, but that plan wasn't good enough.

I'm so sick of this last minute running around, up in the air crap. I'm just going to live in a van down by the river.

Ok, I can handle this, I just need to calm down a little. Nothing ever comes easy, you just need to expect everything to fail, and that way if it does, you're ready, and if it doesn't you're doing better than you thought you could.

Maybe this is all a sign. Not getting to go to Florida, not getting a place in LA. Maybe I shouldn't go. Maybe I don't need to go. I doubt it. But maybe I could make a indy film like Clerks. Something simple, and then stand on that and be the next Kevin Smith. Maybe I should just read up on what I need to do. Save myself the 25 G's and get a library card. Enter a few DIY film festivals or something. Maybe I should just hold off a year.

Maybe I should just try to find a roommate through NYFA. Maybe they can help me out. Maybe I shouldn't get all chicken shit because I've been thrown a few curve balls.

I really really want to go. I'm just so frustrated with all the crap.

If I get through this though, if I work it all out under this type of pressure, and figure out a way to pull this off, then my first day on the Universal Backlots is going to be a very rewarding day.

I can do this. I can figure this out.

There has to be a ton of apartments that are affordable opening up around august. UCLA is right near Burbank, and there are lots of students, who aren't necessarily poor, but are college students. So I need to figure out where students usually live. I'll get on Campus Hook and find some UCLA students and see where they usually live.

What else...

I can find a roommate through NYFA, or I can look for roommates on the internet. Maybe people looking for roommates that already have places to live.

Ok, this may not be as difficult as I had thought.

See, just figure it out.



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