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Sunday, July 11, 2004

This "Internet" bores me... bring me another!

12:06am on a saturday in the MFO, and here I sit on the computer. The Red vs. Blue Season Finale came out yesterday, so now, I'm not going to have that to look forward to every friday. I've already read all your blogs. Jon hasn't changed his in a while. Everyone elses I'm up to date on. I've read about Jackie's Dream, about Rob's Beautiful Day, about how Lola thinks hanging out with Rod Stewart would be quite lame, and how Johanna enjoyed the CoRo Show. I check Krissy's page occasionally but nothing there ever changes. Homestar is still the same. No one has emailed me lately. What else is there for me to do....

Maybe I'll find some new favorite sites. Maybe I'll link to them here.

Still one of my favorites.


www.sad.com The face says it all.

Figure this one out. Creepy.

Also creepy.

National Lampoon.

Ok, enough, I need sleep.


  • Hi Joe! sorry about not getting back to you about the DVD- we left for a weekend camping trip right after we got it and didnt get back until tonight- we loved it, it's fantastic!! I was actually wondering if I send you some moola to cover the cost of the DVD, if you'll make me another one- we're making a time capsule of our first year of marriage and we want to put it in there. Thanks times ten, you did a awesome job.

    By Blogger Laura, at Mon Jul 12, 10:57:00 PM EDT  

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