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Thursday, August 19, 2004

What to do today...

No idea.

I think I'mgoing to go back to Burbank and see all the cool stuff there. I wonder how much a studio tour costs. Maybe I could go through Warner Bros. Maybe I could just stay in again until I get my loan check. I need to buy a desk.



  • If you've got some time and are feeling musically adventurous some evening, you should totally check out the Hotel CafĂ©. It's this great, tiny little coffee and wine club on Cahuenga that is dedicated to really good music and they always have nice variety of people playing. Granted, it's a bit chill for the area, but everyone I've met there is nice and cool, and what's even better, my favorite band Common Rotation plays there a lot. I'm fairly sure you'd dig them as musicians and people. Next Friday at 8 there's a review of Jackson Browne stuff which looks promising. I don't know, I just really dig the place. :)

    Also, if you want, I can check with my friend Cass and see if she can give you a tour of Sony once her workload dies down a bit. She'd like you and it's a cool ass lot. Let me know if you feel like it.

    By Blogger Johanna Marie, at Sat Aug 21, 01:54:00 AM EDT  

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