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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A great day... for me to poop on.

These last three days have been god awful. Today, though, is winning the gold so far. Let's see. I wake up early, in a fairly decent mood, to find no hot water in the shower. So, showerless, I drive to class, to find that my CD player is malfunctioning. I'm getting over a flu-like illness, which I guess is good. I accidentally left my ID badge in my car, and have to explain to the security lady working the parking lot, who speaks little english, that I left it. She tells me to use the pedestrian entrance to the lot. I tell her I left my badge in my car, and cannot unlock the big freakin' security door that blocks the pedestrian entrance with out it. She still insists I use the pedestrian entrance to the lot. I tell her I don't have my badge. She tells me she understands that. I tell her she obviously doesn't because without the badge I cannot get through the pedestrian entrance. She tells me that people aren't supposed to come through the auto entrance. I tell her I realize that, but without my badge this is the only way to get to my car. She asks where my badge is. I tell her it's in my car. She asks where my car is. I almost punch her at this point. Like I'm trying to get into the parking lot so that I have enough room to fly this big ass kite I've got hidden in my backpack. I calmly tell her that my car is in the parking lot. She says she has to see my badge. At this point, it's almost comical, like an Abbot and Costello routine. I tell her it's in the car, in the parking lot that she's guarding, and I can show it to her on the way out. She asks to see some other ID, I show her my license, and she lets me through. As I'm walking away, she yells out, "Next time use the pedestrian entrance!"

It's actually become one of those days that's so miserable, that I can't help but laugh. My computer is still destroyed. I still feel a little sick.

On another note, have you ever really liked someone, but had to convince yourself that you didn't? Like they already had a boyfriend or girlfriend or something. But everytime you see them, you find something new you really like about them, and so it just makes it that much harder? That sucks.

On a better note, Happy Birthday Erin. I hope your day is going much better than mine.



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