If You Build It, They Will Come.

Friday, July 11, 2003

Hmmm... it seems to me knowingly lying about justification to start a war where you and your friends will make a profit is a much more damnable offense to the american public than a stain on a blue dress.

And this is how you can support the troops and not the war or the president. They won't come home hated like in Vietnam, they'll come home the victims of a money grubbing administration that saw 212 of them killed and 1,044 wounded. If he ever lets them come home at all.

These Republicans are evil. They can raise such a stink and try to destroy a man like Clinton for adultery, of which 2/3 of them are guilty of as well, and then cheat to get into office so they can lie to start a war and kill soldiers so that they can make a profit on domestic oil when the cost of foreign oil rises, and so that Cheney's company, Haliburton, gets all the contracts to rebuild Iraq without any competitive bidding, netting the company billions of our tax paid dollars.

This isn't a big deal because there are now six companies in the USA that own all of the media. Companies like Viacom that own MTV, VH1, TNN etc... and the owners of these companies are in the top 1%, and got the most badass payoff... I mean taxbreak, from Bush's last tax cut. But back around Monica Lewinsky time, it was on every single channel 24/7. And what the American People don't know, won't hurt us.

We as Americans need to be careful. We cannot succumb to blind patriotism, even in the wake of Sept 11. Because any noodnik with an American flag isn't necessarily our friend. We do need to protect this country, but we need not be afraid. We need not stand behind a reprehensible man just because he says "God Bless America," just because we are afraid. Hitler used the same kind of fear to come to power. We need to protect this country, it is ours. It is free. It is great. But the attacks don't always come from outside our borders, and they aren't always loud. Sometimes they are so quiet in fact, that we don't even notice them until it's too late. But I pray this doesn't just fall to the back burner like the shoddy election did. Because in the brilliant words of the man who has now lied to us twice, "Fool me once shame on... shame on you... fool me... you can't get fooled again."