If You Build It, They Will Come.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

My earlier Halloween plans have fallen through, and I don't even have a costume. Now I have to hand out candy. I'm officially old.

As to my earlier George W. Bush quote, (The Nerve of This Guy... [Oct 27, 2004]) apparently I wasn't the only one who heard it.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

I voted. Guess who for.

I actually wrote in my own name for Sherriff of Cottreville Township in St. Clair County, Michigan. Ahh... democracy.

Now, onto what I really started this post about.

I just got done shooting my eight week film. It took all of eight hours to do. We were allowed 24. Good planning? Hardly, I just banked on simplicity. Remember my picture wall at Kickapoo? For those of you who don't know, I had the idea one night to write a small story called "Photograph" about a guy with a giant picture wall who accidentally kills someone, and that person starts showing up in all their pictures. At the end, the dead guy is coming to kill the photographer, and he pretty much takes over all the pictures on the wall. Kind of Twilight Zone-y. Anyway, that's what we wnded up filming, here are some of the shots of the picture wall as the dead guy is coming for revenge. It's taken with my webcam, so it may not do justice to how freaky this really looks.

All the films I've done should be available online either here or at the Coughing Dog site (which needs much work) within the next few weeks.

BTW, Go Blue. Beating the Spartans in 3OT is priceless.


Thursday, October 28, 2004

I think my roommates just got in a fight. It's kind of the downside to living with a couple. Now I'm sitting in my room pretending I didn't hear it. I just went into the living room and Robert is sleeping on the couch.

The Nerve of this Guy...

"A political candidate who jumps to conclusions without knowing the facts is not a person you want to as your commander-in-chief." -George W. Bush; Oct 27, 2004, in response to questions about Kerry bringing up the fact that all these explosives are missing in Iraq.

So, George, what was up with going to war about these WMD's?

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox. I gotta admit, it was pretty exciting to watch. Now it's over, and I hate baseball again. I've posted like six times today, and once at the 3Pimps site. Why? I'm procrastinating, that's why.

I need to call my actors tomorrow morning. It's just been a really stressful week, and I just needed to chill for a little. Everything is still very under control.

Just a quick thought about the war in Iraq. Three hundred some tons of explosives have suddenly turned up missing in Iraq, making you wonder, if there really were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, how in the blue hell did the Bush Administration plan on getting them? How can people still believe we're safer with this assclown in office? He went to war because he thought they had weapons of mass destruction, turns out they didn't, and he can't even control the weapons of regular destruction.

But he just keeps smiling, saying things are going great, because, unfortunately, to win an election, you only have to fool 51% of the people. Or as we saw last time, fool the Supreme Court into believing 49% equals 51%. And as I pointed out earlier today, fooling that many people isn't necessarily that difficult.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

r0bb1emac: I'm watching a lunar eclipse and singing total eclipse of the heart.
JoFish19: ironic
JoFish19: I'm listening to Christina Aguleria and watching porn.
JoFish19: weird
r0bb1emac: Okay, you win.

Post Happy
You know how when Halie's Comet comes around, and everyone gets all excited because no one has seen it in like 80 years, and no one will for another 50 years? So you go out after waiting all day, and you finally see it and it's just a bright dot in the sky. And you're like, "I waited all day for that?" And then big astronomy buffs are all like, "You're so lucky, no one has seen that in 80 years!" So you look at it, and you're like, "Wow, there it is... ok, I'm going to go play Dr. Mario."
Tonight, we all have the opportunity to see something that no one has seen since 1918. Something some people have been so eager to see their entire lives. I'm watching it right now. Not that I care entirely, but if my kids ever become baseball fans, I'll know where I was when "The Curse" was broken. The Red Sox are up 1-0 in the game right now, and possibly are 8 innings away from winning their first World Series since they traded Babe Ruth to the Yankees.
I still hate baseball. I don't know if I'll be able to watch this whole game, but I'm going to try. It'll be on in the background while I'm doing more important things.

According to my profile, in the existence of this Blog, I have written 701 posts and 172,234 words. Were this blog to become a book, it would be 493 pages long (at 350 words per page). I've been writing my thoughts down here since April of 2001. Three and a half years.

My first post was done in my apartment in Concorde Place, I was trying to sleep and I was staring at the radio towers. Since starting this page, I lived in Concorde, Jefferson Commons, Kickapoo, Ohio, and LA.

Sadly I only had one official girlfriend the entire time. And that lasted like three months in 2001.

I've had six jobs. GM, Babbages, Select Comfort, Gamestop, Citgo, and OfficeMax. I wrote two screenplays, and filmed a movie. I think I even fell in love somewhere in there, but I think I might be the only one who knows that. I went through a messy relationship, (not with the girlfriend I had). I had a falling out with one of my close friends, and we didn't talk for about two and a half years, until I had a short nice conversation with her before moving to California. Friends got married, friends had kids. Friends moved away, friends moved back. I was in college, I dropped out. The Red Wings won the Stanley Cup. Both my brothers moved from Lexington to Clarkston, and back to Lexington where they graduated and now they're in college. My dad got promoted like four times, I think. Once before he even started his new job. My aunt got married. My aunt and uncle moved to Colorado, my mom and dad to Missouri. 2116 Burdick got shot up, then everyone got their own apartment. I met Jamie and Charlie.

What a ride, kids.


The Theory of Societal Migration and Natural Selection

America is a very diverse culture, unfortunately separated by mental boundries set forth by religion, race, sexual orientation, politics, and education in over 270 million different people. However, if one were to look at a map of the country, interestingly, one could see these boundries. The differences in the paradigm of reality of the citizens of the west coast vs. the midwest are vast, the same can be said about the north vs. the south or the big cities vs. the small towns. If people are all born equal, with blank slates for opinions, regardless if they are born in New York City or Atlanta, why do these physical boundries exist? Why does the south tend to be racist, the west coast tend to be liberal, the midwest tend to be religious, and the big cities tend to be less than friendly?

To understand this, I think first we need to understand the concept of Darwinism, or natural selection. For instance, the pepper moth findings, found that as the skies grew smoky and dark from pollution of factories, the white moths started to die off, while the pepper moths population was unaffected. This was because the pepper moths blended into the darkened sky while the white moths became a more visible target for hungry birds. This is called "natural selection." Those that cannot adapt die off, those that can, survive.

Now there could've been a second solution, that the white moths left the area and populated an ecosystem with less pollution, thus ensuring their survival. This is called migration.

How does this deal with our society? In a melting pot of a nation such as America, migration happens all the time. There are certain places people go to get ahead in their lives. Big cities tend to be drawing places for educated people, because that is where the good jobs are, and where the money is. New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle, etc. No one goes to Montana to try to make it, (except Kristine Williams). People who are not educated enough to get a higher paying job tend to be the ones who stay in Kansas, or Utah. Now, there's nothing wrong with these people, I don't mean to covey that they are lesser citizens, but no one gets a double masters degree computer science and quantum physics and ends up working as a waitress in small town Ohio. People who are more motivated, more driven, tend to leave the small towns and migrate to a place that more suits their needs. People who are less motivated, less driven, stay.

Now I will say at this point that this idea is a broad generalization, but that's all it really needs to be, as it is a theory about generalization.

Now I've read various studies that state that the more educated (not necessarily the smarter, but more educated) a person is, the more left they tend to lean. Restated, the more school a person has gone through, the more liberal they tend to be. That's why college towns are usually filled with kids who are into protesting President Bush, saving the whales, and generally hugging trees. Conservatives could argue that it's because they are young and stupid, but the younger people in more small town, cut off areas generally tend to lean right. They are the ones for war, for tax breaks for the rich, and who generally listen to Rush Limbaugh. College kids are usually more intellegent and informed than your average "Street Smarts" contestant, who thinks Baghdad is in Austrailia. The educated tend to be smarter than the uneducated as well, I think this is a pretty acceptable truth.

Smarter people tend to weigh the facts, as opposed to accepting any "truth" thrown their way. This means that smarter people realize that someone being gay really has no affect on them, and they should live and let live. The less educated people, who have always lived in their small Oklahoma town have never met a gay person, and therefore tend to have their opinions shaped by others. The smarter people realize that the only difference between blacks and whites is color, and no big deal is made over a difference of eye color, or hair color, why should skin color be any different? The less educated small town folks in Alabama are racist beacuse their parents were racist, and their grandparents were racist, and they are unable to create thoughts of their own. They live in a town full of racism, and generally accept that's just the way it is, because they've never been in a town full of educated, non-ignorant people, just like I generally accept humans have two arms, because I've never seen one that has four.

The educated and intellegent have open minds, because they have to in order to accept the information that has made them educated and intellegent. The uneducated can continue to have closed minds and believe what they believe is the ultimate truth, because they are never challenged to believe otherwise. They believe gay people are bad, black people are bad, George Bush is the only person who can save us from terrorism, and that God is in heaven and hates everyone that is different than they are. These people cling to their opinions and let them define them as an individual, floating in a sea of people exactly like them. They tend to not think for themselves because if they did, their ideas would be challenged by their own common sense. So instead they believe what their preacher, or their neighbor, or their father, or their favorite radio personality tells them to. Their ideas cannot change because they will have to redefine their whole paradigm of life. If suddenly Rush Limbaugh says "gay people are okay," they will believe gay people are okay although they never did before, but if Rush says, "drug users are bad," and then is convicted of using drugs, the contradiction doesn't register with them, because they would rather just pretend it never happened than have to change their opinions that Rush gave them. These people who fear change, are typically the definition of Conservativism.
Liberals tend to be the people who weigh the evidence and form their own ideas. They are the ambitious ones who move out of what they feel to be a hostile environment like Georgia, and go live with people that tend to be more open minded. People who believe what they believe because they came up with it on their own. People who realize that because one guy who stole your wallet was black, that not all black people are criminals. Or that because the people who crashed planes on Sept 11 were muslim, doesn't mean all muslims are terrorists. Timothy McVeigh was a white guy, but no one thinks all white guys are terrorists. Ignorance about other cultures, other races, other sexual orientations, other religions is what tends to cause those boundries, and the more educated you are, the less ignorant you are. The more educated you are the more intellegent you are, the more intellegent you are, the more likely you are to get out of small town America and use your intellegence. I mean lets face it, the Beverly Hillbillies was funny because the Clampetts would have NEVER moved to Beverly Hills in real life. Does everyone remember John Rocker? He was the Altanta (south) Braves player who said in a Sports Illustrated interview that he would never play for a New York team because he didn't "want to ride a train next to some queer with AIDS." Rocker also bashed immigrants saying "I'm not a very big fan of foreigners. How the hell did they get in this country?" While driving in Atlanta during the interview, Rocker spit on a toll machine and mocked Asian women. He's ignorant. Why? Beacuse he's lived in the south his whole life where no one challeges him to change his racist and homophobic opinions.

The point of this whole thing is this.

This is a map of the electoral prediction for October 27, 2004. Notice that this map shows Bush winning the election, but not by much at all. If one state like Florida or Virginia were to switch sides, Kerry would win. Notice however, how much of the map is red versus how much is blue. With that much of a difference in land space, how can it be that this is even close?

The ten most populated cities (including suburbs) in the United States are in this order:
1.) New York, NY.
2.) Los Angeles, CA
3.) Chicago, IL
4.) Washigton DC
5.) San Fransisco, CA
6.) Philadelphia, PA
7.) Boston, MA
8.) Detroit, MI
9.) Dallas, TX
10.) Houston, TX

Notice what color the top eight are. The last two are in Texas, which is obviously pro Bush, because he's from Texas, but check out Washington DC. You can't see it on the map, but DC is 78% Kerry, 11% Bush. That's gotta be saying something.

I guess the thing I'm trying to say is that if you're smart, you move out of Nebraska, and you experience life instead of being afraid of it.

Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Leave a comment. I have to go get some work done.


Sunday, October 24, 2004

F*#k Ralph Nader.

Broken down by state, I saw a poll today showing that if the election were held today, neither candidate would win. George Bush would have 254 electoral votes, and Kerry would have 257. Where are the other 27 elecotral votes that would give out the win? Why, they are in undecided Florida again. According to this site, (on the particular day that I write this, as this site changes daily) Bush and Kerry both have 46% of the vote in Florida, and Ralph Nader has 2%.

You know that guy that rides his bicycle in the middle of the road, who slows down traffic almost causing accidents while there is a perfectly good sidewalk that the city put in directly to the right of him? And his only reason for riding on the road messing up traffic and causing you to be late for work is that he has the right to? Next time you see him, introduce yourself, because that man is Ralph Nader.

I saw "The Grudge" today. On a scale of "boo!" to "yahoo!," I give it an "eh..."

Friday, October 22, 2004

Ok, so like, I hate racism. I hate it when white people make racial slurs, but ya know, I also hate when black people blame white people for everything. Now, I'll agree, we as a race are pretty evil overall given our history, but Ellen Cleghorn is on Colin Quinn's show, and she believes that white people created AIDS to kill black people.

Nevermind, she just said the nation of Islam is evil. So she's an idiot.

Jon Stewart in 2008.

On the eve of the 2004 presidential election, I am already ready to cast my vote for the next election. It may seem strange to vote for a comedian for president, but seriously, George Bush is a comedian too, he just doesn't realize it. Jon Stewart is funny, intellegent, and most importantly, he seems to have common sense. He's got his own show, he's already famous, he doesn't really need to campaign. He has a loyal fan base. He seems to know the political game pretty well, and knows how to hold and be held accountable. I think most importantly, he's not a politician, which at least makes him trustworthy off the bat. He seems honest, and not willing to bend when it comes to thinks that simply make sense.
See I think once we all get used to choosing column A or column B, we simply don't care anymore. But we need competition, then maybe something would get done. It's like two record stores selling CD's for the same price. If the third store shows up and gives better deals, the other two need to compete and do the same or they go out of business. If Jon Stewart were to run for president, I think other politicians would have to pony up. That's all.
Mr. Stewart, if you read this, please consider it. And consider me for Vice President. I know I'm not old enough... whatever. Just please, help us all out.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

You ever have one of those moments when you accidentally all asleep, and then when you wake up, you have no idea what freakin' day it is? That just happened.

I had this crazy dream about lizards. See, I was part of an exploration team on some weird other planet. This planet had all these really cool structures that looked like those play places at McDonalds or Chuck E. Cheese. So, anyway, our job was to open all the sewer gates, as this planet had been abandoned, or at least the section we were in was abandoned, for quite some time. Me and some other explorer cracked open this one gate, and this little tiny green lizard jumped up on her hand. I tried to get it off, but it had a super strong grip and I couldn't budge it. After the lizard jumped on, a hundred more jumped out of the gate and swarmed to where the first one had landed. This girl then fell into the gate because of the creepy excess weight on her hand. I reached in to try to save her, and I saw se was hanging on to some crossbeam that was stretching across the sewergate. (I realize I keep saying sewergate because it wasn't a manhole, it was larger and electronic, and the sewer floor beneath was nearly 200 feet below.) As I pulled her up, little green lizards kept coming out of the hole, and I had to kill them before they latched on to me. So with one hand I pulled this poor girl to safety, with the other I held a piece of the broken gate we had smashed in, and I beat these green lizards to death. After I pulled her out of the gate, none of the lizards were still attached to her, until another green lizard jumped out of the gate onto her hand again. Fearing that the lizards would all swarm back I started to run towards her again, but this time a slightly larger red lizard jumped out of the hole onto her hand, and the green one ran away to me in fear. They both sat there calmly, and no other crazy lizards came.

That's it. Then I woke up and had no clue what day it was.

Down with the Yankees.

I just bought a really nice blazer from the Salvation Army for $3.50.

I need to learn Flash. I could also stand to get better with HTML. It would be nice to have some time.

Oh, quick story. Our NYFA passes are actually NBC/Universal passes as well. This got us free parking at City Walk (normally $10), free admission to the theme park (which we didn't really have time for), and an "employee discount" at the Hard Rock Cafe. We sat in the Hard Rock drinking beer for nearly two hours, and the waiter was like "shouldn't you guys be getting back to work soon?" We were all like, "oh, yeah, yeah..." then we got up and went to another bar.

Monday, October 18, 2004

I had a dream last night that my Uncle Glenn was president Bush, and I got to sit down with him at my dad's parents old house and try to tell him why people didn't like him. (Bush, not my Uncle. People really like my uncle.) So we sat down, and I went to the fridge, and all my granparents had was chocolate milk, and I thought that was cool, because I love chocolate milk.

Also, in real life, I got to meet one of the people who wants to take Curtis's room. She's a pornstar named Brandi. I think Robert and Jamie decided against her.

It's been raining on and off all weekend. It's so cool.

Class doesn't start until 2pm today, and tomorrow, and we have wednesday off. This is our pre-production week, so our class load is a little light. Wednesday, I need to sit in on an audition session for Rochelle's film.

We've actually also got all of next week off to film.

The Lions lost, so all again seems right in the world. They still have a winning record though. So that's pretty sweet. Ohio State got stomped 33-7.

That's it for now kids.

It always bums me out when I get up and do my online routine, (check my email, check my site for comments, check all my friends blogs, check red vs blue, check homestar runner) and absolutely nothing has changed except for the amount of spam I have in my inbox.

I need input. Input, Stephanie! Input!

Bill O'Reilly is a clownshoe.

I just signed this petition thing that is kind of humorous. People are trying to make the FTC force Fox News to stop using the phrase "Fair and Balanced," as they claim that it is false advertising.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Heh heh heh. Ok, if you have a high speed connection, and a good sound system on your computer, turn up your volume, and your sub woofer if applicable, and enter this site:

Do you have a grudge?

The Old Man is Snoring...
For the first time since arriving in LA over two months ago, it is raining. It's awesome.
For the first time in I don't know how long, the Ohio State Buckeyes are now unranked.
I hope I get the Lions/Packers game tomorrow.
And if you haven't seen it yet, and you like South Park, you MUST see "Team America: World Police." I have never laughed as hard in a movie theater in my life as I did in one particular scene. If you've ever wanted to see a marionette puke, you will love this movie.

Saturday, October 16, 2004


I dont really have a dilemma, it just seems cool lately to start your blog with that word.

I'd like to mention that in a definite sign of the end times, in week six, the Detroit Lions are tied for the division lead, and were told by their coach Steve Mariucci not to be "overconfident" in their game against Green Bay tomorrow.

I finally got a desk, so now I'm off the floor. It's nice. I also finally got a frame and some box springs, so now my bed is off the floor. Nice.

Roz, our crazy next door neighbor, woke me up at 6:45am yesterday after looking through our trash cans to tell me that it is "rubbish day." Everytime I talk to Roz she needs to tell me the same things over and over.

-She is 92.
-She has lived in her house for 78 years.
-She can't get around well anymore.
-Glendale has changed in the past 78 years.
-She can't water her lawn anymore, and it has "gone to pot."
-She is sorry... for whatever.

Now, I feel bad poking fun at her, I'm sure she just wants someone to talk to. She lives alone, but she does have people come over like all the time and take her places. She's really nice, but if you start talking to her, she will say the previous six statements in no particular order and repeat them over and over until you almost literally tear yourself away from her.

I've got a bit of a headache here, that has kind of lingered for the last few days. I need to set up my 8wk film, so I have to put out casting calls this weekend.

Alrighty, outta here.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

I left Kalamazoo on the 13th of March, I left Grandville on the 13th of October, I got to California on the 13th of August.

Here we go. Picture time.

This is a section of the Europe set on Universal's Backlot. It's supposed to be like the "old" europe, as in "Bring out yer dead!"

This is the more modern Eurpoean set. Very kewl.


The old West Set. I don't know what was shot here.

A crappy picture of the Warner Bros. Water Tower.

Hill Valley.

A few shots from production on one of our shorts. In black and white, chocolate syrup looks a lot like blood.

Curtis flashing "Blue Steel."

Anyway, those are the best of the shots. Adios for now.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Here's something trippy I just realized as I was looking through all the old pictures my mom sent me for my eight week film. I moved out of Grandville Michigan to Lexington Ohio in 9th grade. I had to get used to a whole new area, new people, and I really didn't like it at all. I had to say goodbye to all my old friends and stuff too. It was kind of a bummer to a 14 year old kid.

At any rate, the reason I bring it up is that I left Grandville ten years ago today. Weird. Ten years ago this very minute we were arranging our new house for our first night on Kimberwick. Most of the people who read this blog probably don't understand the significance of this day to me. It was kind of the end of my normal life, and the start of something that at the time I absolutely hated. Like it or not, it was definately a great big new chapter in my life. Hell, probably even a new book. :)

Ok, just thought I'd share. John Sammon is out of state, and so all we have at NYFA to do today is edit our music films. I finished mine last night, so I've got today off. I got to sleep in. The film turned out really well. Pretty soon I'm going to post all the films I've done. Maybe even some of them that I didn't direct, but I worked on. Those pics should be up soon too, I've got two shots left on the roll, and I want a shot of the Warner Bros water tower. But everyday when I drive by it, I forget to take the shot.

Maybe I'll shoot a small DV film and post that too. Who knows. In the next few weeks I think I'll get a little free time. I'm supposed to do pre-production on my 8-week, but I don't forsee that taking up too much time, it's a simple story.

Take care kids.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

I was watching "Street Smarts" which in and of itself is shameful, but there was this woman that was on the show. The guy asks her "Where is Baghdad?" to which she answered, "Austrailia"

Sadly, because she is an American, this woman has the right to vote. I myself find that there is honor in NOT voting if you have no flippin' idea what is going on. I couldn't decide which candidate I disliked more in the last election, and I didn't vote. This time I know who I don't like, and so I'm voting for the other guy.

Other MI folks voting absentee, the request form is here.

More shooting today. New roommates looking at the place. Ugh.

If you are not ignorant, vote. If you are not stupid, vote Kerry/Edwards.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

I hope this blog doesn't become just a weekend thing, but it seems I'm either busy or too busy not being busy to write anything here anymore. That'll change soon, this is our last weekend shoot for some time. Yes, by next week saturday, I'll have my first day off. My first, not working from 9am to 7pm (at least) day since classes started. I take that back, I had my birthday off, because we worked from 7am to 11pm to get four films shot on saturday.

They say that the two professions you shouldn't get into if you love the subject are food and film. It's sad to say that it's hard for me to watch a film anymore without wondering what F-stop they are using, or what lighting ratio, or what lens, or noticing everytime they break the line of interest, purposefully or unintentionally. It's hard not to notice camera movements anymore. It used to be I could see a movie and just be entertained, now I feel it's hard to concentrate on the story because I'm too busy dissecting every directorial or photographic choice. It kind of sucks, and I'm sure it will pass, or at least be supressable, but for now it's at least helpful because every movie I see is now a lesson on how to make a film.

We drove up through Hollywood today. We went past the Kodak Theater where they hold the Oscars every year, we went past the Mann Chinese Theater, where all the big movies get premiered. We saw all the crazy characters out there, like the gold statue guy, and there was a stormtrooper, and the ogre Princess Fiona. We drove up to the Hollywood sign, we went past Paramount, Capitol Records, all the clubs on Sunset, like the Viper Room and whatever else club Christina Aguleria looks slutty at. We were just getting shots for Monica's film. We passed Hollywood and Vine. Not that impressive.

Things are going well out here.

I'll have pics up soon. I'll also be able to have all the short films I've done so far available for download shortly. They are all 16mm black and white, with no sound, (i.e. boring) but you'll get to see them.

Anyone know what "i.e." stands for? I'm not usre it was used correctly in that last paragraph.

I miss bad movie night at Kickapoo though. And the OP. And the freakin rain. Just one rainy day, that's all I'm asking for.

I saw an unofficial poll that said 71% of those polled felt John Kerry won the second debate. That's incouraging. Anyone else notice how George Bush is always on the defensive? I guess he's got a lot to answer for.

We passed the mom from Lizzie McGuire on the way to the Hollywood sign today. We almost hit her with the truck.

That's all from Cali. Take care folks.


Sunday, October 03, 2004

Ok, so... I haven't gotten the chance to update my blog in the last two weeks or so. I'd love to tell you all about all the things I've had to say in the last two weeks, but frankly, I ain't got that kinda time. I'll sum up the list of topics I could've been writing about, and maybe eventually I'll get a chance to elaborate on all of them.

-My first friend, RJ Naugle, got married in Las Vegas on Sept 18. I got to go.

-I started at NYFA on Sept 20 and it's about ten times better than I was hoping for.

-My roommate Curtis is moving out, and it's really a bummer.

-I drank a yard of beer.

-My birthday was the 26th.

-I've already directed three short films. Arriflex-S 16mm cameras are bitches.

-I've shot at Universal Studios twice now. Once on the NYC set where Spider-Man 2 and Bruce Almighty were shot, and I directed a cliche B&W silent film about the woman leaving on the train, and the man running through the streets to stop her on the Europe set. We also got the opportunity to shoot at the Spartacus set, and will be at the Old West/Mexico set next week. I also happened to wander onto the old Hill Valley Square from Back to the Future, complete with all the buildings including the clock tower. I got some pictures, they'll be up shortly.

-The first presidential debate was Thursday. Kerry looked to come out on top. We found the quotes of the night to be "It's hard work." and "Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time." They seemed to be the phrases our president could remember.

-My crew is hella-cool.

-KROQ is hella-cool.

-I've adapted to LA driving, meaning no one in Michigan will ever want me to drive them anywhere ever again.

-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a terrific movie.

-The restaurant inside Universal is completely cool, and really classy, and super cool to eat at when NYFA picks up the check.

-Bennett Graebner is my new favorite person, for one: being a hilarious writing instructor who drops the F-Bomb into every other sentence, and two: giving me the nickname "Kalamazoo" which, incidentally is three syllables longer than my actual name.

-Rochelle Shamaley's dog, Buddy, ran out the door and peed on a mattress being sold in a neighbor's yard sale.

-The Twelve Page Paper DVD's that I owe Laura Barb, Jeff Poling and Gloria are going to be shipped out next week, hopefully Monday morning. I haven't gotten a chance to go to a post office in two weeks, and apart from that, I had some computer issues, that are now, thankfully, rectified.

-Resident Evil 2 was cool, but only if you've played the games.

-Every morning on my way to school I pass Warner Bros. Studios and get to see the big water tower where the Animaniacs were supposed to be. I realized that the whole cartoon was probably thought up by some frustrated writers or animators, pressed for an idea, and staring out their office window.

I guess that's it for now. If you want me to elaborate on any particular story or subject, leave a comment, and I'll talk a bit more about it. For now, I need to go to bed. Goodnight.


Saturday, October 02, 2004

That's why they call me Slim Shady.
I'm back.
I'm back.
By the way, this is my 500th post. Congrats to me.