If You Build It, They Will Come.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Hey there.  This post is coming to you from Kalamazoo Michigan.  Here's the skivvy.

I have left Mansfield F'n Ohio (MFO) for HOPEFULLY the last time.  I only say this because I was sure I left the MFO for the last time nearly four years ago, and as it turned out just when I thought I was out, they pulled me right back in.  The house was packed up yesterday, and everything is en route to Missouri.  I however, left last week and drove up to KZoo. 

I got to be on the movie set of a film called "Kalamazoo" starring Bruce Campbell and that chick from Blossom.  That was interesting.  I can't wait to see that kind of stuff all the time.

I hung out at the OP again, that was refreshing.  Then at Boomerangs for Chris Brill's open mic night.  No NASCAR decorations, no country music.  Brill and I discussed how we feel bad about it, but we can't help absolutely hating those types of bars.

So, the plan is to possibly go paintballing today, possibly go canoeing at some point.  I gotta watch my spending, as I've got a long trip ahead of me.  I'm doing really well. 

Well blog, that's it.  I think the next time we speak I'll be in sunny California.

Two new projects I'm working on.  The first is a small documentary about our trip out west.  I'm been filming a bit so far.  The second.... well it's a secret right now, but hopefully I'll be posting it on the Coughing Dog Website after I get to LA. 

Take care, readers. 


Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I got ridiculed at work today by a conservative.

I can't be a conservative because I can't believe two opposite things, and I can't live my life in constant fear.  I can't say I hate swordfish without ever trying it, but you can say you hate Fahrenheit 9/11 without ever seeing it.  That doesn't make sense.  I cannot live without sense or logic.  I cannot drop my "Live and Let Live" mentality.  I cannot be offended and sickened by gay marriage, because it in absolutely no way shape or form has any physical, mental or emotional effect on my life whatsoever.  I can't be pissed off at progress.  I can't say that war is the answer to anything.  I cannot ignore the simple truth that violence begets violence.  I cannot exclude diplomacy as a solution.  I cannot live with the notion that I've never made a mistake, that my country is flawless in every way, I cannot shut off the rational part of my mind.  I know America is a generous country, but it's also the richest country.  If the poorest country in the world donates $20 to a cause and we donate $21, we are more generous, but we can afford to give so much more.  I cannot ignore corruption in capitalism, I cannot ignore the fact that people are seeing an opportunity to make money at others expense and they're taking it.  I cannot think that terrorists attacked us because they "hate our way of life."  Our way of life is not that much different than Canada, or England, or Germany, or Japan.  I hate the redneck white trash way of life, but I don't crash my car into their houses.  I cannot be spiteful, or angry at everyone who doesn't see things my way, and take every opportunity I have to point out how wrong they are.  I cannot claim my god is better than your god, because both of our stories are pretty ridiculous, and neither of us have any more proof than the other.
For that, I don't think I will ever admit to being wrong.
peace.  --Joseph 

Sunday, July 11, 2004

This "Internet" bores me... bring me another!

12:06am on a saturday in the MFO, and here I sit on the computer. The Red vs. Blue Season Finale came out yesterday, so now, I'm not going to have that to look forward to every friday. I've already read all your blogs. Jon hasn't changed his in a while. Everyone elses I'm up to date on. I've read about Jackie's Dream, about Rob's Beautiful Day, about how Lola thinks hanging out with Rod Stewart would be quite lame, and how Johanna enjoyed the CoRo Show. I check Krissy's page occasionally but nothing there ever changes. Homestar is still the same. No one has emailed me lately. What else is there for me to do....

Maybe I'll find some new favorite sites. Maybe I'll link to them here.

Still one of my favorites.


www.sad.com The face says it all.

Figure this one out. Creepy.

Also creepy.

National Lampoon.

Ok, enough, I need sleep.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

It's Official.

As of August 8, my address will be:

1133 Melrose Ave.
Glendale, CA 91201

Actually the zip code may be wrong. There are like 15 zip codes for Glendale.

So, that's out of the way. I'm going to have two roommates named Jamie and Wade. They seem pretty cool. As for now my phone number is the same, but I'm sure I'll probably get it changed once I get out there.

Now I just need to figure out how I'm getting to LA. I think I'm just taking the car. I'll pack as much in it as I can, and I'll have the rest mailed out to me.

It's times like now I miss my Sport Trac.

Nopa, I hope you still want to go. It looks like there's going to be room for two. I'm not sure if Johanna still wants to go or not. If she needs to be in LA for the wedding too, then I guess I'll just go alone. Or we can try to fit three. I guess either way works. I just don't know how much space I have.

I'll look it all over and figure it out. I want to bring my bed, my computer and my clothes. The bed breaks down, so that's easy. The computer, however has gotten quite massive. We'll see how this all works. I can't pull a small trailer with a Monte Carlo, can I?

Anyways, like I said, it's a relief to get this out of the way. Onto the next step.

See, I told you I'd figure it out.


Monday, July 05, 2004

Is this all a test? My apartment in LA has fallen through, and now I have nowhere to live. And, oh yeah, I leave in less than three weeks. I think that fate loves to kick me around a little bit. Like I said, this is why I never make plans. Were I to stick to my plan, I'd already be living in sunny Florida, but that plan wasn't good enough.

I'm so sick of this last minute running around, up in the air crap. I'm just going to live in a van down by the river.

Ok, I can handle this, I just need to calm down a little. Nothing ever comes easy, you just need to expect everything to fail, and that way if it does, you're ready, and if it doesn't you're doing better than you thought you could.

Maybe this is all a sign. Not getting to go to Florida, not getting a place in LA. Maybe I shouldn't go. Maybe I don't need to go. I doubt it. But maybe I could make a indy film like Clerks. Something simple, and then stand on that and be the next Kevin Smith. Maybe I should just read up on what I need to do. Save myself the 25 G's and get a library card. Enter a few DIY film festivals or something. Maybe I should just hold off a year.

Maybe I should just try to find a roommate through NYFA. Maybe they can help me out. Maybe I shouldn't get all chicken shit because I've been thrown a few curve balls.

I really really want to go. I'm just so frustrated with all the crap.

If I get through this though, if I work it all out under this type of pressure, and figure out a way to pull this off, then my first day on the Universal Backlots is going to be a very rewarding day.

I can do this. I can figure this out.

There has to be a ton of apartments that are affordable opening up around august. UCLA is right near Burbank, and there are lots of students, who aren't necessarily poor, but are college students. So I need to figure out where students usually live. I'll get on Campus Hook and find some UCLA students and see where they usually live.

What else...

I can find a roommate through NYFA, or I can look for roommates on the internet. Maybe people looking for roommates that already have places to live.

Ok, this may not be as difficult as I had thought.

See, just figure it out.